It's TCS NYC Marathon Week! Let's Catch Up

It's finally here, it's marathon week! All over the world 50,000 runners are all spending their every waking moment worrying about these three things --

What the weather will be like on race day.

when you hear it might rain

Whether or not they will be able to go potty before the race starts.

when you have to use a porta poty on race day

What they are going to wear on race day.

when you can't decide what to wear on race day

OK, OK, OK! Maybe these are the three things I'M freaking out about but COME ON! These race day photos are going to be my #TBT for the rest of my life and it's important to be equal parts comfortable and foxy on race day!

Anyways, it's been a while since I told you about what was going on in my life so let's take a second to catch up! A lot has gone done since I filled you in on what was going on in the Kelly Show.


I am officially self employed! This is probably the scariest leap of faith I've ever taken in my entire life but a wise woman named Alexandra Billings once told me that life is just a series of happy accidents and it wasn't just a happy accident that Run, Selfie, Repeat was it's my career! Alex is the woman who taught me how to deviate from the beaten path and how to trust my instincts and listen with my my heart, my brain and my gut. But most importantly she taught me how to step up to a terrifying ledge and just leap. I knew this next step was coming but I was dragging my feet because I was comfortable at my old job. But I was working over 10 hours a day on top of the 10 I was doing freelance, blogging and marathon training and everyday was a step closer to a full blown meltdown. So something had to give and now I am happily runemployed! So that's what I'm currently doing. I'm very proud of myself but I'm also scared out of my mind. Which brings me to...


work hard carb load harder

That's right West Coast! I am LA bound New Years through the middle of March! I have all sorts of stuff up my sleeves but all you need to know is Kelly Roberts can not and will not do another East Coast winter. BRING ON THE DOUBLE DOUBLESbecause Kelly's coming back for 3 months only!

I am about to run the New York City Marathon!

Oh my God this has been the longest month of my life! After Berlin I was terrified that I wouldn't have enough time to recover for's been quite the opposite! I felt AOK once I got back to NYC and now I am chomping at the bit! My training between Berlin and NYC was much different than I thought it was going to be. Everything I read said "Take it easy" and I just wanted to get back to routine. So I did my normal training with a slightly lighter intensity and mileage. The furthest I got was 11 three weeks ago and I'm more than fine with it. It's been a really strange taper, that's for sure.

New York is my favorite race because of the people. This city is intense, you walk down the street and you often find yourself feeling invisible and alone (it's my favorite part about the city TBH) but on race day, everyone looks up and shows up to cheer you on. The city becomes unified and everyone is shows up to support you. It's unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life and I CANNOT wait to do it again.

All The Events.

Marathon week means everyone is in town and wants to party! We started off yesterday with the Beats 1 Run in Prospect Park which was all sorts of fun (I wasn't even invited, Stephanie and I were Chloe's plus 1's!). It was nice to finally get to catch up together because the three of us haven't been in a room together in a few weeks. Now it's a matter of juggling events, shakeout runs, carb loading and work! It's going to be a crazy week!

If you're in town for the marathon, I'd love to meet you! I'll be working out with November Project of Friday at 6:28am and I'll be at the NYC Expo on I believe both Friday and Saturday mornings! If you see me, just say hi yall! More info to come! Have a great week everyone! Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.