Let's Make the Ultimate Crowdsourced Running Shorts Guide

The Ultimate Crowd Sourced Best Running Shorts Guide.png

When it comes to the best running shorts, it seems impossible to find the perfect pair of running shorts. Our favorite brands only show photos of models who look NOTHING like us. And besides not being able to envision how a pair of shorts will fit on us, personal preference makes the search even harder!

Some women like their running shorts longer while others like a pair that is just long enough! Some like a sleek streamlined pair and others want ALL THE POCKETS. Some like spandex and others want split shorts!

Regardless of what type of shorts you prefer to run in, I think it's safe to say that the PERFECT pair of running shorts is pretty damn hard to find. SEE?

Example as to why this guide is important. 

And after seeing how helpful the ULTIMATE CROWDSOURCED SPORTS BRA GUIDE was, I wanted to recreate it with the next piece of running apparel that feels impossible to find:


If you have a pair of running shorts that you love and trust, SHARE IT.


  1. Copy and paste the below information into an email.
  2. Fill in the question with your information! 
  3. Submit a photo of yourself wearing the shorts. Ideally, please submit your photo in a sports bra. Not comfortable rocking the #SportsBraSquad? NO PROBLEM! Just lift your shirt up so we can see the waistband. (**YOU HAVE TO INCLUDE A PICTURE TO BE FEATURED. THE REASON FOR THIS IS THAT WE RARELY GET TO SEE WOMEN WHO LOOK LIKE US WEARING THE CLOTHING WE ARE LOOKING TO BUY. IT IS INCREDIBLY HELPFUL WHEN WE CAN SEE THE DIVERSE RANGE OF STRENGTHS REPRESENTED.**) 

Name (First name, last initial):

Your height, Pants size (ie 27, 30, 32 etc. and/or 10, 12, 14, 16 etc.), Size of the shorts you're wearing: 

Name of shorts, the brand who makes the shorts, price, and URL: (MUST include the correct URL to the pair of shorts you're submitting to be featured.)

Inseam length:

What you like about the shorts:

What you don't like about the shorts:

Furthest distance run in the shorts: 

How long you've been running in these shorts:

Do they ride up?

Chafe level 1-10: (1 meaning ZERO CHAFE, 10 meaning ALL THE BLOOD.)

(Do they have pockets (YES/NO) and if yes, how many pockets and what can they hold? iPhoneiPhone plus? car keys? gels? credit cards? etc.) 

***Shorts MUST be available for purchase. CANNOT be a discontinued model.**

Can you submit your rating of more than 1 pair of running shorts? YES! 
Will I share multiple opinions on the same pair of shorts? YES! The point of this is to show real women sharing their real experiences. So if 100 women love the same pair of running shorts, we should see that!


Let's make the ultimate crowdsourced running shorts guide!