Let's update the No Stopping Boston Marathon Sign

There's no denying that the Boston Marathon is special. Every marathon Monday, the city doesn't just down for a 26.2-mile foot race, it comes together and celebrates the history of the marathon. 

It's magic. 

In 2014, I witnessed my first Boston Marathon and that day changed the trajectory of my life. 

Spectating that race inspired me to work to make my impossible possible. To throw "can't" and "I could never" out the window and dare to see what happened when I gave everything I had in pursuit of my own Boston Marathon qualifying time.

Every Patriots day, hundreds of "No Stopping" signs go up around the course. As a memento of that transformational day, my friend Toby snagged me an infamous "No Stopping" Boston Marathon sign. It sits above my computer and I look at it every day as a reminder that self-doubt and a fear of failure have no place in my life.

I love this sign. I love what it stands for and how it makes me feel. I love that the city of Boston loves their marathon so much that they have special Marathon Monday signs.

But it always bugged me that the runner was male. It seems insignificant, but when it comes to the Boston Marathon, it's a race that changed everything for women. It's because of the bravery, tenacity, and grit of Bobbi Gibbs and Kathrine Switzer that women all around the world can enjoy the empowering gift of running. 

So today, I changed the sign. I added a pony-tail and kept the muscles because women are strong as hell.

Just take a second to imagine Boston come Marathon Monday, plastered with "No Stopping" signs adorned by strong women...

No Stopping Boston Marathon Woman

I think it's time the "No Stopping" sign gets an empowering update. How about you?