Live On YouTube, Outtakes from the time I Ran The San Francisco Marathon...On Accident

So this year I did something a little unexpected. I accidentally, kind of, sort of, unintentionally ran the 2015 San Francisco Marathon. Now it wasn't that I wasn't prepared to run the race, I decided to drop down to the half marathon three weeks before the race when the Berlin Marathon got added to my race calendar. 3 marathons in 1 year the worst idea in the whole entire world!

But I was running it to support my good friend Gregg who was running his first Ultra Marathon. Once we got going, there was no stopping me. I had to stay with him. Luckily I filmed a lot of it! So now you get to see what it's like to run a marathon with me! (And what it's like to run an ultra marathon because Gregg let me pester him the entire second half of the race!) ENJOY!