Men in Kilts and an Easter Bunny

It's officially Spring! We did it! We made it through the Winter nightmare and hope has arrived! To celebrate Spring's much anticipated arrival, I had a pretty eventful weekend.

Saturday morning was my first race of the year, the NYRR Scotland Run 10K. When I'm training for a marathon, I tend to register for a whole slew of races, not because I'm a competitive monster but because it makes those long runs that much easier. This weekend I had a 12 mile long run so I was able to run 1 (ish) mile from the Subway to bag check, 6.2 miles during the race and a final 5 (ish) miles back to bag check. It's the perfect solution to solo runs. The energy is electric, there are water stops and you get a bag check! 3 birds, 1 stone.

There was only one setback during the Scotland Run and that was the gridlock. I don't know if I hopped in the wrong corral or if it was just super crowded but I spent the first 3 miles stuck. Normally I don't really mind being stuck during races, I'm just running for fun, but this time around we were going so slow that I was actually getting frustrated. And in order for me to get frustrated that means that we are going REALLLY slow. Adding insult to injury, there were people weaving with frustration which is always a nightmare but in those situations you really just have to grin and bare it. So I took the opportunity to enjoy all the men dressed up in Kilts which made for some super festive photos.

I finished the 10K with a time of 55:09 which isn't to shabby for me. One of my major goals this year has been to get faster so it's exciting to see that my leisure pace is on par with some of my previous PR's. I did a little self congratulatory pat on the back and celebrated with a really beautiful and flawless picture of myself.

After I finished my long run I hopped back to Brooklyn to shower and change because one of my best friends Emma is in town with her HILARIOUS boyfriend Mike. I have been best friends with Emma since I was 3. She and my sister were total partners in crime growing up and used to do all sorts of crazy things to me that resulted with her wonderful parents having to hose me down in the backyard or save me from some terrifying feat. We've stayed close all these years so I was so excited to have them in town.

I took them to Chelsea Market and Williamsburg on Saturday and then after dinner we went to see some Stand Up at the Comedy Cellar.

On Sunday my Sister and I hosted a handful of our friends for Easter brunch! If there is one thing I love to do it's cook for a billion people. I love hosting parties and cooking and eating so I was in my element. We had scrambled eggs, roasted rosemary potatoes with red bell peppers and onion, cinnamon rolls, bagels with cream cheese and lox, and of course bacon and mimosas. After brunch we went down to Brooklyn Bridge Park for an Easter Egg hunt as adult grown ups do.

It was a pretty terrific weekend. I am also in the middle of a really terrific book called The Confidence Code that you all need to read RIGHT NOW. It deals with confidence but more specifically with why all women, even the most successful and powerful women, struggle with self-doubt. And holy hell is it a great read. I consider myself one of the most confident women I know and I struggle all the time with self doubt. The "am I enough," "I don't know what I'm doing," or "Why bother" so it's eye opening to see that there's actually a science behind it. That we aren't alone and that it really is a problem that needs to be addressed and worked on. Get this book for your people both male and female.  We all need to read this book and step up.

That's all for now. I have a pretty insane week so look forward to some "How to find the time to run when you're life is insane" posts. I hope you all had a really wonderful weekend surrounded by your people and eating really delicious treats. Until tomorrow, #RunSelfieRepeat.