One Month Until The Berlin Marathon

Well, it's September 1st which means it's officially marathon month! Time flies when you're having fun people -- I feel like I just finished the San Francisco Marathon! I can't believe I'm in my last week of training before my taper! And I can't believe that I'm spending my last week before my taper NOT running! WHAT?!?

Running a marathon is really, really hard on your body. I knew I wasn't going to be able to run the San Francisco Marathon, Berlin Marathon and New York City Marathons without any injuries. They're inevitable! That's why I am the world's biggest fan and advocate of Physical Therapy. If you run and if you have insurance, get into PT RIGHT NOW. I would be lost without Mike Riccardi at Finish Line Physical Therapy. I've had my fair share of running related injuries and he's the one who's been there to take care of them and remind me that I need to work on my running gait. 

He's been especially clutch when it comes to handling these calf flare ups. They started last May and after rest, lots of PT and foam rolling we got them to subside. That was until I accidentally ran the San Francisco Marathon and neglected to take my foam roller back to California with me. Then about 3 weeks after the marathon, my calves started acting up. I changed my training schedule and after heeding Mike's advice, I decided to take a full 7 days off from running. Sure it's not the smartest thing to do the last week of marathon training, but I'd much rather run a comfortable marathon than a fast one. (I'm still spinning and doing strength training to maintain my fitness level.)

In addition to taking the week off, I decided that it was time to redo my diet. I eat pretty healthy already but there is always cake, cookies and delicious treats all around my office. One of the reasons I run marathons is so that I can eat a cupcake and not worry about it! But with only a month to go, I decided it was smart to be mindful of what I eat and cut the empty calories.

It's been tough --

But it's not impossible. The best way to make a healthy lifestyle change is not to limit yourself. It's all about moderation so I'm eating tons of vegetables and delicious complicated salads and still allowing myself to have an ice cream or a donut here and there! It's about 80% healthy 20% unhealthy. A good balance in my personal opinion.

Otherwise, we're 23 days away from my first trip to Europe! It only took 26 years but I'm finally leaving the USA! And what's even more exciting is that 5 of my best gal pals are joining me! After the Berlin Marathon, we're going to London for 3 days and then Paris for 4! We're staying in some really groovy Airbnb's so we get to live like locals!

It's a big month! Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.