Running Injury Q & A With My Physical Therapist

If there is one thing runners are good at, it's getting injured. We don't do it on purpose! Running can be tough on your body. Ask any runner who has been forced to take time off after developing of a running related injury and you'll quickly learn the importance of prehab-ing injuries in lieu of rehabbing them.

My Physical Therapist Mike Riccardi of the award winning sports clinic Finish Line Physical Therapy here in New York City has been INSTRUMENTAL in keeping me injury free. After developing runner's knee two months before the New York City Marathon in 2014, I became a firm believer in investing in Physical Therapy once a week. Over the past two years, Mike has helped me resolve calf issues, sprained ankles, and all sorts of aches and pains all while keeping runner's knee and IT band issues at bay.

Struggling with a running related injury? From knee pain, IT band issues, plantar faciitis to compression sleeves and recovery, Mike is answering your questions in this three part Q &A!

Part 1: Shin splints, strength training, meniscus issues, knee pain, and foam rolling!

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