Pursuing Perfection

I was in a spin class this morning and the instructor said something that I had never heard before. Her class was KILLER and she was motivating us to push ourselves in ways I have never really been pushed before. We were working our faces off, searing with pain, huffing and puffing when halfway through the class she says,

"This push is only 30 seconds long. Pursue perfection in these 30 seconds. It's in these 30 seconds that you learn how to pursue perfection in every aspect of your life."

Perfection? What does perfection have to do with a work out? Here's how, perfection isn't something you can see with your eyes, it's in the act of working and improving that you achieve perfection, a state of your best. Whether you're in a spin class or running a marathon, it's all about tiny executable goals. You have to focus only on what you can control. A finish line may seem impossible but the next 30 seconds or 1 mile? Not only is it doable but it’s most likely already happening! By breaking down your event you're able to check in and figure out what you have in your tank. That's the difference between 1 more mile and I can't go any further.

One of the reasons I continue to run marathons is because it reminds me what it means to give everything I have to be the best me possible. It’s so easy to settle into a habit of giving the bare minimum, but through running I’ve been able to see that I’m capable of so much more than I thought. So when I feel like I'm dying during a spin class and the instructor says 30 more seconds give me everything you have, I go for broke instead of staying in my comfort zone. It doesn’t matter if you are running your first or fourteenth marathon; it pushes your physical strength, your mental strength and your self-confidence. A marathon isn’t 26.2 miles, its hundreds, possibly even thousands of miles that accumulate from the moment you start running to the moment you cross that finish line. And by pursuing perfection each and every mile you acquire this confidence and joy that is unexplainable.

There’s so much more to working out than obtaining an attractive body. If you’re dragging yourself to the gym because you want a bikini body, you’re doing it wrong. Find something challenging and set a goal other than a goal weight because when you work out for all the right reasons, a foxy body gets to be an afterthought and every time you look in the mirror, you get to feel proud of all the work you've put in to get there.

Perfection isn’t about flawlessness; it’s about being the best, strongest and most bad ass you possible both physically and mentally. It’s that about giving everything you have and realizing you are so much stronger than you ever imagined. Remember that it’s in discomfort and pain that change and perfection lives. You just have to be brave enough to dig deep, believe in yourself and never give up. Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.