Race Day Reactions...The Boston Marathon Edition

There's only one thing I love more than running a race and that's looking at other runner's race day pictures. My God there is nothing more entertaining or inspiring than watching strangers caught in the act of doing something, that I think, is superhuman. Their reactions and expressions are PRICELESS. Not sure what I mean? Observe...

The air punchers.

The spectator huggers.

The hand holding finishers.

The arms out "Look at me! I'm running a marathon!" runners.

The runners that literally wear the expression, "I immediately regret this decision" and "Are we there yet?".

The peace sign throwers.

The pointers.

The thumbs up smilers.

The wavers.

The number one screamers.

And, of course, the proposers. (SWOON!)

And last but not least, can we just take a second to honor my boyfriend and your hero #162? Remember that time we were all like, "Who's the handsome man in the green tank top!" I do. I remember it like it was yesterday! If you haven't read why #162 took off like a foxy bullet to lead the first mile of the Boston Marathon over on Runners World, CLICK HERE. It will melt your heart. And that is why #162 is my BAE.

What are your favorite race day reactions that you see on race day? Until tomorrow, #RunSelfieRepeat.