9 Reasons Why The First Week Of Training Sucks

It doesn't matter if you've been running your entire life or if you can't run to your mailbox, I think we can all agree that the first week (OK month) of training is the worst! CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW SORE I AM?!? I haven't been able to sit down easily in a week! I went on a date last week and I'm not even kidding you, when I had to get up from dinner, the guy I was with was concerned about me. "Are you OK?" He asked, trying real hard to mask his apprehension. "No, I'm good," I answered as I walked away from the table like the Tin Man. "I ran the Hollywood Bowl 3 times yesterday and I just can't really feel my legs." 

Let's talk about the 10 reasons why the first week (or four) of training sucks--

1. A lack of motivation meets too much motivation.

The hardest part is ALWAYS getting out the door.

The hardest part is ALWAYS getting out the door.

How is it that one minute you feel unstoppable but the second you get out the door, you regret your decision to ever try to train for your race in the first place?

2. The unfamiliarity.

When you have to check your training plan mid run to figure out what you're supposed to be doing...

When you have to check your training plan mid run to figure out what you're supposed to be doing...

Training doesn't get easier, you just develop a routine and stop having to think about what you're doing. Strength and endurance don't manifest overnight. Try to remind yourself that patience is a virtue. 

3. The pain.

Pain. So much pain.

Pain. So much pain.

Everything hurts. Everything. All the time. Even sleeping. And eating. It all sucks.

4. The regret.

Captain struggles.

Captain struggles.

When you're struggling to get out the door, the worst thing you can do is tell yourself that you don't want to run. Attitude is everything so even if you can name 800 things you'd rather be doing, fake some enthusiasm and get out the door as fast as you can.  

5. The chafing.

There's nothing sexier than chafing right? Here's my favorite product, 2Skin. Stock up!

6. The runger.

New Runner Half Marathon Burger

I'm not even kidding you, even when your mileage is low your brain tries to trick you into eating like you're embarking on a 100-mile pilgrimage.  

7. The time commitment.

Just tell your friends and loved ones that you'll see them in a few months.  

8. Feeling like it's impossible.


When "I can't do this" plays on repeat, remind yourself that the only way you'll fail, is if you fail to try. 

9. Regretting time goals.

Pain Track Work Speed Work Run Faster Struggle New Runner

My God does running faster and harder hurt! IT HURTS SO F*CKING MUCH! HOW DOES ANYONE DO THIS!?!? Alright, alright, alright, yes, it hurts. BUT, don't let speed work intimidate you! It's not about getting faster, it's about running stronger. And those structured speed workouts can actually be fun. It's all about how you look at it.

The first few weeks always feel impossible. Everything is so much harder than they need to be but tomorrow is going to come whether you do the work or not. So show up. Force yourself to show up.

Yes, it's painful and tough but that's the point! It takes hard work to do something incredible! Just try to remember that every single painful step will pay off in the long run. (Get it? LONG RUN!?!?!?) It takes months of hard work to cross a finish line. Don't give up now! I'm struggling right alongside you!


Here's to kicking ass, taking names, and putting our strongest foot forward!

Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.