14 Things to Do On A Rest Day

Happy rest day boys and girls! Do I seem happy that today is my rest day? I am trying really very hard to be! OK! OK! FINE! My name is Kelly and I am a mileage-a-holic. I've said it once, I will say it again, I HATE my rest days. I mean what on earth am I supposed to do from 6:00pm-9:00pm if I don't run? Sit on the couch?

No thank you. But rule #1 on a rest day is that you need to let your body recover. Everyone's different so listen to your body and your training plan. Now I have 2 rest days worked into my training plan. I generally take Tuesdays and Fridays off. But if you are like me and can't stand sitting still, I brainstormed some things you can do on your rest day.

1. Stretch! Because you're supposed to do this anyway! It's good for your muscles! And your mind! And it improves flexibility! And look how much dog-gone fun that bunny is having stretching!

2. Ride a Bike! Now I can't do this because I can't get on a bike without thinking I am Lance Armstrong. I get all serious and stand up out of the saddle. Or I end up screaming at tourists "ON YOUR LEFT!" Yeah...a leisurely bike ride isn't a viable option for me.

3. Take a Stroll! Walking is fun! Getting your blood flowing with a little movement is good for you on your rest day. Just make it a calm stroll rather than an intense walk. Your body will thank you!

4. Take a Swim! It's good for your body! What I would give to have a pool!

5. Call Your Parents! I never call my parents because I never have any time! What better way to check in than on your rest day!

6. Spend Time With Your Significant Other! Training for a marathon? If so chances of you seeing your partner in crime are very slim. You get up before them or get in bed before them. Make it date night or just spend those 3 or 4 blissful hours together.

7. Go On A Date! Single and ready to mingle but training for a marathon? You have 0 time to date. (Speaking from experience. I once went to a date after running 5 miles. Not so cute.) Gotta be smart about those rest days, Carpe Diem!

8. Cook Dinner! I never cook on the days I run. I make all my meals the Sunday before and then heat them up because I get home around 8:30pm. But on a rest day, you have hours to whip up something delicious!

9. Spend An Evening With Your Friends! Do your friends complain about never seeing you? Mine do. Which is why rest days are time for friendship drinks! Catch up with those people who make you laugh.

10. Pay Your Bills! What better time to balance your checkbook or be fiscally responsible than on your rest day?

11. GO SHOPPING! Or if you don't want to be fiscally responsible, you can go shopping! Want to know where I am going after work? I'll be acquiring every romper and jumpsuit I can find. Because I am west coast bound next week and I need clothes!

12. Read a Book! It's calming, it's good for your brain, and it's just a whole lot of fun. Why wouldn't you read a book?

13. SLEEP! Have you heard of it? It's that thing you're supposed to do for at least about 8 hours. Want to know what's possible on a rest day? Sleep.

14. Binge Watch A TV Show! I watch 0 TV and there are about 10 shows I need to binge watch.

Otherwise you know the one thing that you should actually spend your rest day with. It's my arch nemesis senor foam roller.

So there you have it! 14 ways to avoid the sheer boredom that is a rest day. They are crucial to your training plan and it's important to actually take time off and give your body a chance to repair. Otherwise it's a one way street to injury and you want to know what is worse than rest day boredom? INJURY BOREDOM! (And then you have to learn what to do with your time when you are injured.)  Injury free is the way to be! How do you like to spend your rest day?

Alright friends, until tomorrow #RunSelfieRepeat.