In Order the Run Faster You Have To Run Faster

Running has become much more than just a hobby for me; it’s become a way for me to push myself to tangible results. One of the reasons I started running was because I had spent years knowing, without a doubt, that I wanted to act and create art that would change the world. But being a paid, working actor who not only gets to pick and choose projects is almost impossible. There’s probably a clearer, and easier, career path on how to become the President of the United States or an Astronaut than there is to being a working and fulfilled artist.

Running became my outlet while I worked jobs I didn’t love as well and push myself to accomplish feats I was proud of. Getting to a finish line is black and white. You sign up for a marathon, you get a training plan, you complete the training plan, and then you run the race. It didn’t matter how fast I went or what place I got because I was racing because it made me happy. In my bedroom I hang all of my race bibs on my bedroom wall. I was looking at them last night and thinking about what I’ve learned and accomplished in the past two years.

This year I am working to get faster. I’ve read a ton of running books and most of them tend to write about these ordinary people who wake up one day and decide to run a marathon or an and ultra marathon. They don’t even start with a silly 5k or half marathon, or train for that matter; they just walk to the start line and run a marathon in an Olympic trial qualifying time. That’s spectacular for them, but I know from my own experience that I can’t pick up and qualify for the Olympics. I can’t relate. For an entire year I worked my butt off to get my marathon time from 4:43:39(2013) to 4:11:38(2014). So sure it’s extraordinary that so many people are inherently fast, but I’m not.  

But that’s not stopping me from trying to get faster. I asked my boyfriend who’s a fast speed demon and smarty pants (oh and supportive) runner if he would go through his reference books and concoct a training plan for me to follow. Here’s what he came up with for me:

For the next 16 weeks, yes this is going to take 4 months; I am putting everything I have into sticking to the plan and running through the pain. I’ve been in a bit of a slump since finishing the NYC Marathon. I wanted to make sure I took adequate time to recover since I had been battling runner’s knee towards the end but once I was ready to get after it, I didn’t have anything to work towards so I slipped into a rut. Well not anymore, now I’ve got my eyes on the prize. It’s time to see how far I can push myself. I have the Flying Pig Half Marathon in a little over 3 months so we will see if I can take my half marathon time from 1:56:37 down to 1:45. That may not be fast for you, but it seems damn near impossible to me.

It’s time to make impossible possible. Do something impossible in 2015. Until tomorrow, #RunSelfieRepeat.