My Six:02 Moment

I’m partnering with SIX:02 to run the TCS NYC Marathon! Why, you ask? Because I believe in what they are doing and think you will too.  

What’s SIX:02? SIX:02 is:

A moment in time — ‘It’s Your Time.’ Our name reflects the minutes or hours we encourage each woman to take for herself — to work out and stay fit, and to invest in feeling and being her best. The name is meant to inspire!
6:02 — the time you wake up to go to the gym!
6:02 — the time you leave work to attend your spin class!
6:02 — the mile you aspire to run, or beat!
SIX:02 — a whole new retail experience that goes beyond just shopping. Take pride in your appearance, love your exercise, and strive to achieve your goals. SIX:02 is about more than fitness fashion; it’s about offering today’s active women choices, advice, and inspiration. It’s about a feeling of community and connection, where you come first.

And I’m formally inviting you to join this #SIX02Moment with us! We measure our life in moments -- big ones, small ones and moments that change the trajectory of our lives, the #SIX02Moment’s a way to share everything! Share large moments, like your first marathon or 5k or small (but meaningful) moments like when you show up to your first fitness class. Moments can be anything -- your accomplishments, goals, aspirations, progresses, trials and day to day life!


This movement is important to me because when I started running I was desperate to believe in myself, desperate to move forward somehow and desperate to find some kind of a purpose.

6 months after I graduated college I totally panicked. Everything I had recently endured started to catch up with me. I was grieving the tragic and unexpected death of my younger brother, struggling with my weight and the guy I was seeing ended things. Career wise I was lost and had no direction on what I wanted to do with my life. I started doubting myself and was so overwhelmed, I literally decided to run from my problems. After a sleepless night, I woke up on Thanksgiving morning in 2012 and decided to go for a run and I just kept running.

The first few weeks weren’t easy, they were awful and painful (especially for a theater girl that was never considered athletic) but running gave me something to do. I would take selfies of myself to keep me accountable and show people I was actually doing something. I somehow found my new purpose and 2 months later, I ran my first 1/2 marathon and 4 months later, my first full marathon. Crossing those finish lines gave me a new identity -- I found myself inspired, driven, dedicated, optimistic, and most importantly happy. 


Life’s an endurance race made up of many moments and it’s easier when you’re not going through it alone. Life’s about putting one foot in front of the other when you don’t think you can take another step and pushing your limits further and further. It’s about making time for YOU, taking care of and investing in you.  Life’s hard! Between juggling full-time or different part-time jobs, family, friends, school, relationships, whatever -- it’s really, really tough! And when life gets hectic, fitness usually takes a hit. We listen to the voice in the back of our heads that tells us we can’t do it, it’s not possible, there’s just isn’t enough time in the day. I want you to dedicate time to yourself and appreciate your journey – this is why I decided to join the #SIX:02Moment and the reason why I’m running and live instagram-ing the NYC Marathon along the way.   

Our #SIX02Moment starts NOW and I need your help.

We want to know what your SIX:02 moments are. These moments can be anything! From walking to dancing, to swimming and cross fit, surfing to golfing, running, and everything in between, I want you to share your fitness moment! To join the #SIX02Moment, all you have to do is take a picture, post it to Instagram and include the hashtag: #SIX02Moment.  

We want to know what pushes you further, what excites and terrifies you and what you get out of bed for in the morning. We want you to share YOU! It’s your time and it starts at SIX:02.

Here’s the best part! If we can get 602 moments shared using the hashtag #SIX02Moment by November 3rd, 2014 (the day AFTER the NYC Marathon) SIX:02 will match the funds I raise over the next 10 days for Team for Kids, the charity I am running the NYC Marathon with! Help me help our kids. To donate and to learn more about why I am running for Team for Kids, CLICK HERE.

I believe in Team for Kids and their mission statement. 1 out of 5 kids in America are obese. I don’t want kids, tweens and teens worrying about their weight – I want them to be worrying about being a kid! They should be playing, wondering, learning, exploring, and just being a kid!  Team for Kids provides programs that focus on goal-setting skills, character-enrichment and nutrition education in underserved communities in the USA (especially NYC) and Africa. Without TFK, many of these children would have little to no physical activity.  I spent way too much time consumed with my body image and I wish I had Team For Kids growing up.  

I’m so excited for the next 11 days. Not only am I running the marathon but we’re also hosting a SIX:02 giveaway (more info coming up shortly) So join us and share your moments. When you share your moments you join OUR community. You aren’t alone in your health journey! Show us what gets you moving and motivated to put one foot in front of the other. I want to see the mountains (both physical and metaphorical) you’ve climbed and overcome. Let’s see you say,’yes’ to yourself and accomplish your goals! SHARE THOSE MOMENTS!

Remember to use the hashtag #SIX02Movement and DONATE to Team for Kids if you can (Even $1 helps!) and get your friends involved. Stay tuned for more information because this is only the beginning.

Here’s to all of your #SIX02Movement’s. Until tomorrow, #RunSelfieRepeat.

Want more SIX:02? Check out their website, learn more about the #SIX02Moment, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.