Attention Slow Runners

Where are my slow runners at? You know who you are, you open every conversation with “I’M A REALLY SLOW RUNNER” instead of, "I'M A RUNNER!"  Yes, you! I see you!


I get it, it’s hard to be proud of a slower pace. It took me over a year to muster up the courage to run with another person because I was so self-conscious of my pace. I was terrified I was going to be left behind because I was so much slower than everyone else. I used to Google “average mile run time” every single week HOPING AND PRAYING my 10-11 minute miles (alright, sometimes 12 minute miles) were normal. It wasn't until I moved to NYC and decided I shouldn’t be running in Central Park alone at night that I nervously joined a running club. When I attended my first group run I opened with, “Hi everyone my name is Kelly and I’m probably the slowest person here.” Then two other people said the same thing and to my surprise I wasn’t the slowest person there. I actually don’t know who the slowest person was because we broke off into groups based on our paces from 5-6 minute miles all the way down to 12-13 minute miles.

I can’t say enough good things about running with a buddy or with a group. They push you and hold you accountable when you would normally phone in a run or skip it entirely. Running with a friend gives you someone to talk to about life and they motivate you to run further and faster. I get some of my best career and personal advice from my running friends because they genuinely care and they are of all different ages and backgrounds. If you’ve just moved somewhere new or if you are looking to make some new friends, stop letting your fear of being the slowest runner stop you from running with a friend or group.

There is no such thing as a slow runner, there are only runners. I don’t care if you run a 14 minute mile or if you run a 5 minute mile, it’s the fact that you run day after day after day after day that impresses me. Stop feeling self conscious about being slow! Be proud of the fact that you are simple a runner! (And if you do want to get faster, you just have to run faster!) Until tomorrow, #RunSelfieRepeat.