Stand Up To Dieting! Introducing the F&ck Dieting T-Shirt


Meet the first She Can & She Did t-shirt, the F&CK DIETING t-shirt! 

F&CK Dieiting

Why this message? Why this shirt?

Because I'm ready to join the charge and take the word diet back. For most of my life, the word diet was restrictive. Damning. Something dangerous and ill-informed that I forced myself to do so that I could lose weight. My weight loss was never motivated by my health. It was motivated solely by the fact that when I looked in the mirror, I hated what I saw.

Today, I know that my diet is nothing more than the healthy and sometimes unhealthy foods I put into it to fuel it. Today, I understand what a healthy diet looks and feels like. And I understand that BALANCE is the secret to strength, happiness, and success. 

Health is not a look, it's a lifestyle.

And that is why when I went to create my first t-shirt, I wanted to start with a message I want to scream from the rooftops.  


F&CK looking in the mirror and feeling like you're not good enough.

F&CK being consumed with weight loss.

F&CK obsessing about what you can or cannot eat.

F&CK feeling ashamed of the skin you're in.

and F&CK anyone who makes you feel anything less than strong, beautiful, and capable because of your body weight. 

The shirt itself is a poly-cotton blend (75% polyester/ 13% cotton/ 12% rayon) and made to move! They go on sale Friday 3/2/18 at 9:00 am EST. Grab yours by CLICKING HERE!