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The Struggles Of Dating A Runner...Half Naked Sweaty Hot Dudes

One of the hardest parts about dating a runner is dealing with the fact that they spend hours on end running with half naked, sweaty, hot, buff dudes. If I had a dollar for every time an ex boyfriend of mine got understandably uncomfortable with the fact that I was joined with a foxy looking man for my 10-20 mile long run, I'd be able to buy myself something nice. Confused? I give you: "The Struggles Of Dating A Runner".

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New Year, Stronger You

Don't get me wrong, I love a New Year's resolution. I'm all about setting goals and using them as motivation to do something amazing with my life. But there is one New Year's resolution people tend to make that makes me a little sad. It's wanting to lose weight. So I ask you...

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7 Times Running Helped You Through A Breakup

I think we all can agree that all breakups SUCK. Whether it's unrequited love, getting cheated on, blindsided, if your significant other was like "It's not you it's me," if you get email broken up with, or if you gently and amicably grew apart, it is never fun having to put yourself back together after a breakup. So whether you're freshly broken hearted or having trouble moving on, here are 7 times running can help you through a breakup:

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