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Learning the Difference Between a PB and a PR at the NYC Half Marathon

I may have ran a double digit "PR" during the 2016 NYC Half Marathon but I'm calling it a personal best. I finally learned the difference between running a PR and a PB and it turns out all I am after is a PB. Here's why...

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Where to Run In Central Park

When I have to run anything further than 6 miles, there's a 99% chance I'm doing a lap of Central Park because I love Central Park. There are a million different trails if you need to change up your route and most importantly, I know I won't cheat my runs if I'm in Central Park! (If I'm in Prospect Park in Brooklyn I cheat ALL THE TIME. It's a weird mental block). But there's something magical about being able to escape the concrete jungle by winding through Central Park. If you're coming to New York City and you're thinking to yourself, "WHERE DO I RUN!?!?", this is how I run Central Park.

Now the majority of runners go clockwise around the paved loop of the park which is about a 6 mile course (and there's always ways to deviate). Not to hate on the loop, I love the loop, but I also love to change it up by running on some of the trails that run parallel to the loop.

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