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Getting Open, Honest and Vulnerable with the Podcast Pace Per Mile

It's never easy opening up about the grief I experience from my brother's passing or my subsequent weight gain and weight loss. I recently had the opportunity to talk with Chris of the incredible podcast Pace Per Mile about how I started running, my loss, my weight gain, how I came up with the idea to take selfies with hot guys during the NYC Half Marathon, and how running has changed my life. It is the most open, honest and vulnerable I've ever been in an interview. The podcast is about 40 minutes long so if you're taking off for a run or have some time, I'd love to hear what you think...

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I Accidently Ran The San Francisco Marathon

Well, I did exactly what I wasn't supposed to do.  Because of my Fall race schedule, I decided to drop out of the San Francisco Marathon. Originally I planned to run the first half of the San Francisco Marathon with my cousin William. That was until I found out my cousin William had a goal time of 1 hour and 30 minutes. I can't run that fast if you paid me 1 million dollars to try so I chose to run with my good friend Gregg who was running the ultra marathon (52 miles!!!!). My plan was to run 20 miles with Gregg and then hop out of the race....

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This week has been insane. Thank god it's Friday. I feel like I need to just sit down and be still for a minute! (That won't happen. The weather's approaching perfection and I have some adventuring to do.) The amount of things that happened to me this week is unprecedented. From filming, to fainting, to going from coast to coast and everything that happened in between, I am very excited to have two days's why:

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