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The Struggles Of Dating A Runner...Half Naked Sweaty Hot Dudes

One of the hardest parts about dating a runner is dealing with the fact that they spend hours on end running with half naked, sweaty, hot, buff dudes. If I had a dollar for every time an ex boyfriend of mine got understandably uncomfortable with the fact that I was joined with a foxy looking man for my 10-20 mile long run, I'd be able to buy myself something nice. Confused? I give you: "The Struggles Of Dating A Runner".

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16 Feelings All Runners Live For

When you start running it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel but once you get there your whole life shifts. You find you're happiest when you're running. You're not you when you're not running regularly and when that happens, you start to notice the little things. Here are 16 feelings all runners LIVE for:

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11 People You'll Encounter On Race Day

Race day is a giant tornado of a day. You're nervous, excited and full of anticipation. The one thing you are guaranteed to notice throughout a race weekend is the sheer volume of human beings who are going to be running with you. Whether you're running your small local race or a huge spectacle like the 50K person strong NYC Marathon, here are 11 people you'll encounter on race day:

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