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10 Running Must Haves

The best part about running is that you don't need anything special besides some clothes and a pair of shoes to get started. You don't need expensive gear, watches, equipment, classes or a gym membership, just enough motivation to struggle through your first initial weeks. Google “Running Must Haves” and you will find thousands of articles listing all the latest and greatest running gear ranging from $5 to hundreds of dollars. Overwhelming? Yes. Do you need it all? Maybe?....No, of course you don’t!

Your running must haves should make running easier (CAN I GET AN AMEN). Last September I listed my 9 running must haves and since 8 months have passed, it’s time to update my Running Must Haves List:

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The Run It, Feel It, Spell It Challenge!

Well Newton Running and their friends at Timex are calling on runners across the country to express how running makes them feel and share their run's on Instagram and Twitter. Why? Because you can win some RIDICULOUSLY GROOVY PRIZES! YES! That's prizes PLURAL! Check out what you can win and why you should join the movement:

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Tension Headaches And How To Live With Them

Do you suffer from tension headaches? I've discovered that I do and it turns out these 3 devices most runners use to ease sore muscles can double to alleviate tension headaches! Here are three things you need if you suffer from tension headaches. These are serious game changers:

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Minimalist vs. Maximalist Running Shoes and Who's Actually Right

There’s a long, tiresome debate that has raged in the running world for millenniums and it has to do with what we put on our feet. So let's talk about minimalist vs. maximalist running shoes and which are better for you...

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Your 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Kelly's Favorite Things

I wanted to take today to play Oprah and create a Kelly’s Favorite Things for all of you struggle bus drivers who can’t figure out what to get your crazy runner or workout fiend. I went ahead and made a list of all the things I want for Christmas (or already have and think you’d like as well) and broke them into price categories because I love you. You're Welcome.

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The Best Cyber Monday Deals

Today is the day to pull the trigger on those items you've been holding out on like GPS watches, fancy pants, shoes, shirts, vests and coats. Cyber Monday, if you play your cards right, can save you a ton of cash that you can now spend on races! To make your life easier, I went ahead and pulled the 8 Cyber Monday Deals that I am shopping today. You're welcome.

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