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5 Days In The Life Of Kelly Roberts

We're creeping closer and closer to the San Francisco Marathon (YAS SAN FRANCISCO MARATHON! YAS!). I'm still feeling a tiny bit anxious about those San Francisco hills (Shout out to all my friends and family members who continue to remind me that San Francisco is going to be brutal and hilly) but I'm doing everything I can to make sure San Francisco is a fun run and not a "Dear God someone give me a piggy back ride to the finish line" sort of run. That being said, let's catch up.

How are you? It's been a while since we talked about what I've been up to! Here's what is happening in my world.

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Getting Sweaty With Celebrity Trainer Natalie Uhling For SIX:02 Week

The best part about being a fitness blogger is that I get to go to snazzy fitness events with some of the top fitness professionals in the world. I get to go to some really incredible classes so I'd be stupid to let my fear of trying new things in a class environment stop me from taking advantage of these opportunities. So I have two options, I can decline invites and miss all the amazing opportunities handed to me because I'm scared or I can jump in head first, show up and have the best time possible. Obviously I force myself to show up and have a good time. This is what it's like to work out with celebrity traininer Natalie Uhling:

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Finding Ways to Give Back

Want a perfect way to help others today? SIX:02 has teamed up with Goodwill for a campaign called #DontSweatYourPants. They are asking you to donate your gently used athletic pants that either don’t fit, don’t flatter, or don’t perform and in exchange will give you a $10 off discount to buy a pair that does. Read more for details:

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