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The Difference Between a Perfect Body and a Strong One

Close your eyes and imagine someone who is in the best shape of their lives. Alright now imagine an "average" person who is realistically in the best shape of their lives. What do you see? Is there a difference between the two? For some crazy reason we have this perceived image of how someone who is "in shape" is supposed to look. They have visible muscles that can cut glass, a thigh gap, toned everything, zero cellulite and a tan. (Why are they always tan?) Well excuse me while I hop up on my soap box and throw my two cents in the mix...

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Pursuing Your Best and Your Relationship To Failure

What does it mean to not give your best effort? In what situation do you walk into something and decide, “I’m not going to give my best effort right now because I’m just not in the mood.” Let's talk about pursuing your best and your relationship to failure...

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