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12 Ryan Gosling Hey Girl Running Memes That Will Make You Say YES PLEASE

Today is a very special day. It's Ryan Gosling's birthday which could only mean one thing...


So without further ado...I give you...HEY GIRL #RunSelfieRepeat edition --

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7 Lies All Runners Tell

Runners are a bunch of endorphin drunk liars. There, I said it. I have never in my life met a group of humans who lie more than runners do. It's really bad. So bad that I don't trust a damn word that comes out of anyone's mouth. AND CURVEBALL -- I'm the worst liar of them all! I am a f*cking liar. I HUGE F*CKING LIAR. AND I CAN'T HELP IT! I'm a big ol' liar liar spandex shorts on fire and my friends all let me get away with it because they're just as bad! Here are 7 lies all runners tell --

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What It's Like To RunDisney As Told By Emojis

They're the most magical races on earth, what's not to love? Whether you're running where it all started at Disneyland, on the other side of the country in Disney World or running the inaugural Disneyland Pairs Half marathon -- this is what it's like to Run told by emojis!

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Running and What You Get To Eat After

Ever heard of RUN TO EAT? Well I went ahead made some very handy info-graphics to break down just what you get to eat when you run a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon or Marathon. Now selfishly I tailored them to the amount of calories I have burned during my past 5Ks/10Ks/Half Marathons and Marathons get the idea. Without any further ado here's what you get to eat when you run!

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