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The Expectations vs. Realities of Foam Rolling

If there is one thing I love to hate, it's the foam roller. "Foam roller every single day" my Physical Therapist Mike Riccardi advises me. If by, "Foam roll every single day" you actually mean sit on my foam roller while I check Instagram, then Yes. Yes Mike, I foam roll every single day. These are the expectations vs. realities of foam rolling.

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Why Run A Marathon If You Don't Want to Run a Marathon?

Why run a marathon if you don't want to run a marathon? It's time for Episode 3 of the Road to Run, Selfie, Repeat and we're talking about why I ran my first marathon!

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Let's Talk Food (We Need Your Recipes!)

Do you have a favorite recipe you wish could be made easier? Or maybe a simple recipe you would like to see with seasonal vegetables or different ingredients? We want to make those recipes a reality and show you how to make them! Email

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