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Running Struggles! You Ask And I Give My Non-Expert Advice #1-Feeling Self-Conscious When You Run

I spend about 30-45 minutes a day answering emails to my Run, Selfie, Repeat family. I get asked about my favorite chafe cream, shorts, shoes, protein powder, energy gels, water, how I wake up in the morning to run, how I hydrate, how I find the motivation not to quit, how I train for a marathon...the list goes on and on and on. It's arguably my favorite part of my day because being a new runner sucks (at least it sucked for me) and I love helping make running feel a tiny bit less impossible to you. But after months of answering these emails, it dawned on me...why not share my non-expert advice with all of you!?!? Allow me to introduce my new favorite segment of Run, Selfie, Repeat -- Running Struggles! You Ask And I Give My Non-Expert Advice.

So if you're a new runner or if you're simply curious to pick my brain, write me! Holler at me and it may end up on Run, Selfie, Repeat. Today's topic? Let's talk feeling self conscious when you run.

Today's "Running Struggles! You Ask and I Give My Non-Expert Advice" is all about feeling self conscious when you run!

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EVERYONE REMAIN CALM – 6 Tips For All Half and Full Marathoners

Attention Fall Half and Full Marathoners. It’s come to my attention via the 10+ emails I am getting every day that you’re all panicking about your upcoming races. I get it! It’s terrifying! I’m terrified with you! But I need everyone to CALM THE F*CK DOWN. Sorry for the language but holy smokes! I'm gonna need you all to stop focusing on that finish line and bring your focus back to the week, the day and the mile that you’re in. Here are 5 tips to help put your fragile running nerves at ease –

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