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Where Is The Finish Line

When I went for my first run, I didn't think I was going to become a runner. I hated running, I was just desperate to escape the feeling like I was drowning in grief. Nothing was planned, I just took off, walked when I needed to walk (which was 90% of the time), and ran when I could run (the other 10%). I don't know why I decided to run again the following day, I just remember sitting around the Thanksgiving table the day of my first "run" and saying, "I think I'm going to run a half marathon." I doubt anyone believed me (I don't think I believed myself), but two months later, I ran a half marathon...

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Getting to the Finish Line During A Bad Race

Every single runner’s worst nightmare is a shitty race. We aren’t talking a meh half marathon we are talking a catastrophically shitty race where everything that can go wrong does go wrong. You know the one, we all have a battle story. So what do you do when the stars don’t align and you start battling the, “Just quit now” and the “I hate this so much?” Here are my tips to getting to the finish line:

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