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You Need To Be Apart Of The November Project

Have you heard of November Project? NO? WHAT. Let me introduce you to the coolest people in the world, November Project. Want to be a member of this ridiculously groovy totally inclusive cool club? Perfect all you have to do is show up. No seriously, their goal is to build a worldwide community by empowering humans of all fitness levels through fierce, free weekly workouts....

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Workout Secrets That Make Working Out Easier

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I'm sick of seeing people who, like me, aren't athletic and struggle to run around their block. I see the yearning in their eyes "I WANT LOVE WORKING OUT TOO", they scream. Enough is enough! I'm doing it! It's secret revealing time! You ready?

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Losing Weight and Taking That Next Step

After my brother passed away in 2009, my only goal became making it to the next day. It's hard to explain what it feels like to face your own mortality while adjusting to the feeling that a huge giant piece of you was stolen. My brother wasn't just a sibling, he was a part of me. My sister Samantha, myself and my brother were a unit. We were a dangerous trio and when we lost him, it felt like we lost ourselves.

One thing I did not anticipate after his passing was the weight gain. He passed away in June of 2009 and by the end of that year I found myself weighing in at over 200 pounds.  Now on top of figuring out how to live without my brother I had to figure out how to live with new foreign version of myself. Here is what I learned about losing weight and taking that next step...

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Getting Sweaty With Celebrity Trainer Natalie Uhling For SIX:02 Week

The best part about being a fitness blogger is that I get to go to snazzy fitness events with some of the top fitness professionals in the world. I get to go to some really incredible classes so I'd be stupid to let my fear of trying new things in a class environment stop me from taking advantage of these opportunities. So I have two options, I can decline invites and miss all the amazing opportunities handed to me because I'm scared or I can jump in head first, show up and have the best time possible. Obviously I force myself to show up and have a good time. This is what it's like to work out with celebrity traininer Natalie Uhling:

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