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Your Empowering Conquer The Worst Playlist

I asked the Run, Selfie, Repeat community over on the Twitterverse and The Facebook what songs they listen to when they need to feel empowered. So here is your "Empowering I'm Going to Conquer the Worst Playlist" for all those moments when you want to blow something up, set something on fire or punch someone in their hope (because revenge is best served by doing something great. And if you really want to say "F*ck you", go run a half or full marathon and then be like "SUCK IT.")

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Your 2 Hour 37 Minute Half Marathon Playlist

I keep being asked what I listen to on my runs right now so I went ahead and took a screenshot of my long run playlist to share with you all. This guy is about 2 hours and 37 minutes long so if you're looking for a half marathon playlist, I've got you covered.

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