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The Struggles of Dating a Runner: Don't Touch Me I'm Sore

We've all been there, when you go for a run and find that your muscles have turned into acid. Then your significant other who thinks they are doing you a solid by selflessly giving you some tender loving care by massaging your acid muscles. NOPE. Not how it works. These are the struggles of dating a runner, DON'T TOUCH ME. I'M SORE.

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16 Things You Look Like When You're Sore

It sucks to drive the struggle bus after an intense day at the gym or after some heavy mileage but the best way to hobble forward is to laugh at ourselves! So here are 16 things you look like when you're sore--

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What It's Like To Go To A Workout Event

This morning my sister and I attended the Kickoff to Mud Season Workout hosted by Mudderella and it was probably the most fun (and most painful) experience I've had in a very long time. Going to workout events sounds very glamorous but this is what it's like to go to a fancy shmancy NYC event with my sister and I who may or may not be the world's silliest workout enthusiests.

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