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Winter Running Pep Talks and Tips

There is only one thing harder than training for an endurance race and that is training for an endurance race when it is cold out. When it comes to winter runs, you can’t let the fact that the cold weather feels like there is a dementor sucking out your soul derail your training efforts. Here are some pep talks and tips to help not only get out the door but make it further than down the block:

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Dreadmill Running…Surviving Winter While Running Indoors

The only way I can suffer through a run on a treadmill is by doing intervals. I can’t press go and run until the clock runs out because I will watch that clock, pull my hair out, and quit about 15 minutes in. So I need a plan of attack to get the most bang for my buck. There’s no way I am going to sit content running x amount of miles for x amount of time. So I do either interval training or hill repeats on a treadmill. Here are my 3 go to dreadmill workouts:

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