Thank You

I'm not the best at responding to every single amazing comment or thought left on Run, Selfie, Repeat's Facebook posts, Instagram posts, blog posts, tweets, and daily vlogs. But I do see and read every single one of them and they always leave me feeling incredibly fortunate to have the Run, Selfie, Repeat community. 

There was a moment during the Rock N Roll Philly Half that really helped me push when I wanted to quit. We were passing mile 3 and I already felt like crap. But a woman running next to me got my attention. I took my ear bud out to say hi and she told me that she was pulling for me. That you were all pulling for me and that you all believed in me. I wish I could have stopped to give her a hug because I often forget that I'm not alone. I know it's true but it's really easy to get frustrated with the business side of things and forget the big picture. That was just the reminder I needed to embrace the pain.

I'm not sure you'll every be able to truly understand just how much you all mean to me. My birthday is always a bit of a tough day for me. It's hard not to feel sad that my brother isn't with me anymore and as I was starting to sink into the fog that grief brings, I read your supportive comments and birthday wishes. Your comments and emails helped me feel grateful instead of sorry for myself whenever I started feeling like I wanted to get back into bed.

Whenever I hear or read that you're getting ready to run your first 5K, 10K, half marathon, marathon or when you're chasing an impossible goal, every single one of my own personal problems disappears. Because that's why I continue to keep Run, Selfie, Repeat alive. It's because of our community that I continue to struggle to make ends meet or work crazy hours. So I just wanted to take a second to say thank you because I need you all to know just how important you are to me.

Keep kicking ass. There's huge things coming...STAY TUNED!