My Spontaneous Disney World Vacation

I am a lover of adventures and spontaneity. I know very well just how short life can be and I am firm believer in embracing every opportunity to make wonderful memories with the people you love and care about which is why I decided to go to Walt Disney World this weekend.  I know what you're thinking..."You went where? I didn't know you were going to Disney World..." ME NEITHER! Well, it's a long story but it all started on Friday....

My best friend Raven and her family have been planning this trip to Disney World for about a year now. I was involved from the very beginning but stupidly backed out because I have so much going on this May. (Every weekend I'm either traveling or traveling for a race.) Then last Friday Raven was texting me Disney pictures and I was high on adrenaline from meeting my Shero Mindy Kaling (YES I MET MINDY KALING!!! See!!!!)

And I said, "You know what, I am going to regret missing this trip. This is ridiculous I'm just going to go." So I got in touch with Raven's mom Lucy and told her I was booking a flight out to surprise Raven.

I cannot believe we pulled it off! After getting only 1 hour of sleep (YES 1 HOUR!) I landed in Orlando around 8:40am and took THE WORLD'S LONGEST SUPER SHUTTLE RIDE to the Contemporary Resort where we were staying. (I wasn't able to get on the Magic Shuttle because my trip was so last minute.) But as luck would have it, Raven and her husband Tom Tom SLEPT IN UNTIL I GOT THERE! I went into Lucy's room and called Raven to wake her up pretending to want to hear all about the trip in and then went, "Wait I want to talk to your mom." Here, just watch for yourself --

Family is really important to me and honestly I'm young and unattached! There's no reason not to go on spontaneous adventures with the people who mean the most to me! Sure I should have just planned ahead but you know what, no regrets. We had the best time ever and in the 3 days I was there we rode every single major attraction the resort had to offer.

Saturday we spent the day at the Magic Kingdom taking in everything it has to offer. 

Sunday was all about ANIMAL KINGDOM! Animal Kingdom was the park I was most excited to experience. I have always been obsessed with animals and going on the Safari was the tip top of my list.

After we did everything over at Animal Kingdom we decided to hit up Hollywood Studios to ride the Roller coaster and Tower of Terror. RIGHT when we sat down on the roller coaster it broke down! So we got our Fast passes and went over to Tower of Terror. THEN we had Dinner reservations at Epcot so we hopped on a boat to go next door to Epcot. It was QUITE the busy day so we made it to bed by 11 because we were TUCKERED OUT! 

I got lucky this week since it's a kickback week in my marathon training so I didn't have a long run scheduled. I had to DRAG myself out of bed on Monday to run. Running at Walt Disney World was sort of a can't run between resorts! I got one mile in and realized I was going to be hit by a car if I were to continue to run on their roads. I ended up having to take a boat ride over to the Fort Wilderness Resort where I PROMPTLY got very lost. BUT the run itself was way cool. I saw horses and ponies, vultures eating a dead armadillo, AND THEN DEER! Like real life bambis! Who knew there were deer at Walt Disney World!?!?! I didn't! Once I found my way back to the boats I ran back to the hotel and ended up clocking in under 6 miles. Definitely not the 8 miles I had scheduled but the boats were a mood killer.

Monday was my last Disney day and we started over at Hollywood Studios so we could ride the roller coaster before heading back to went back to Epcot. We ended up attempting the Drink Around the World Challenge which was HILARIOUS. This is a real thing where people attempt to get a drink at every single country in Epcot. I had to head back to the hotel to grab my stuff before going to the airport at 5:50pm so we knew we the entire challenge was out of the cards but we wanted to see how far we could get. 7 beers later it was a great success. BUT I ended up taking WAY to long to leave the park and I barely made it in time for my ride back to the airport. I had to SPRINT from the Monorail at the Magic Kingdom to the Contemporary Resort. I MEAN SPRINT. I was dripping in sweat when I came into our hotel room like a wrecking ball. I quickly changed and drank 20 million bottles of water before hauling ass to the front of the hotel.

THEN the magic shuttle wasn't even going to show up! Disney ended up having to call a bunch of people and finally decided to comp my cab ride back to the airport! This was both wonderful and kind of annoying because I could have spent an extra hour in the park. But I digress, a free ride is a free ride. Disney Magic am I right? This trip is definitely one of the crazier things I have ever done in my life and honestly, life is way to short not to make life long memories like this. AND I'd never been to Walt Disney World before and I doubt I'll go back for a very long time. I liked it! I had the best time ever but honestly, Disneyland is 1 million times better. I hate how far apart the parks are. I feel like we spent hours on buses or waiting for buses. It was definitely a once in a lifetime trip that I am glad I didn't have to miss.

Now I am back in New York and getting ready to head back out on Thursday to Ohio for the Flying Pig Half Marathon! I told you May was going to be a crazy month! Until next time,#RunSelfieRepeat.