The 10 Worst Parts About Morning Workouts

There are two types of people in this world, morning people and everyone else. I'm a morning person. I love waking up early! But ask me to wake up before 6am to workout before work and I turn into a raging dragon woman.

These are the 10 worst parts about waking up to workout.

1. Waking Up

It's terrifying when your alarm goes off that early. And if you happen to wake up a few minutes before your alarm GOD HELP YOU. IT'S DISORIENTING!

2. Getting Out Of Bed.

Inside your bed it is warm and wonderful. Outside your bed is cold and terrible. Why leave?

3. Debating Whether You Really Need To Go Workout

"You should sleep that cold is gong around"-Your brain says. "Just workout really hard another time."

4. Realizing You Wasted 15 Minutes Arguing With Yourself About Whether You Should Go To The Gym.

That's why as soon as that alarm goes off you have to fling yourself out of your bed! Literally throw your body weight and find coffee ASAP.

5. Trying To Put on Spandex At 5 In The Morning.

Why is spandex so difficult to get on that early in the morning?

6. Trying To Pack Your Work Bag And A Change Of Clothes.

Then getting to the gym and realizing you forgot work shoes and underwear.

7. Trying to Wake Up.

There's nothing worse than jumping into a workout with cold muscles.

8. Showering At The Gym.

Unless you go to a snazzy boutique gym, everyone is going to be up in your business. And if you're a girl the locker room is like a zoo! People are very territorial.

9. Getting Ready For Work At The Gym.

#Wet Hair Dont Care. God bless the pony tail.

10. Coming To The Realization That Working Out In The Morning Is Always Better Than Sleeping In.

No matter the struggle to get there, you never regret working out in the morning. In fact it puts you in a better place to really attack your day. Lord knows I hate waking up early for a workout but if you're like me, CLICK HERE for some tips and tricks about dragging yourself out of bed. That's what I do. Until tomorrow, #RunSelfieRepeat.