The 25 Worst Parts About Losing Your iPhone

I have to be honest, I didn't actually "lose" my iPhone. I just left it in Ohio like an IDIOT. It all started on Saturday when unresponsible Kelly thought to herself, "Kelly leave your purse at home! Just bring your ID and your phone!" Well after dinner, we went out to a bar and responsible Kelly thought, "You should give your ID to Uncle David so you don't lose it!" So I did. Then the next morning, Uncle David gave me my ID back and unresponsible Kelly placed said ID ON TOP OF her purse instead of IN HER PURSE like an unresponsible dumb dumb. Then when we were leaving for the airport, responsible Kelly thought to check for her ID, realized it was gone, ran back inside, placed her phone on the kitchen island, found her ID on the floor, ran back to the car and drove to the airport. So my phone is in Ohio (or hopefully in New York about to be delivered to me by the FedEx man.)

If you have ever lost your phone or had to wait for someone to ship it back to you, these are the 25 worst parts about living without a cell phone --

1. When you realize your phone is gone.

2. And then when you realize there is no way you are going to get it back in the immediate future. (Miss flight or go back for phone...#SophiesChoice)

3. Trying to get a boarding pass without any flight information.

4. Landing in an unfamiliar airport and having to actually talk to people to figure out how to get home. (UBER WHEREFORE ART THOU UBER!)

5. Going to bed and realizing you have to get crafty about an alarm clock.

6. Realizing you have an iPad and could have easily set that alarm in lieu of waking your roommates...

7. Not being able to text anyone.

8. Not being able to call anyone.

9. Realizing your Google calendar is not updated.

10. Trying to figure out how to upload images to Instagram for the brands you represent.

11. Fighting the urge to check your phone every 10 minutes.

12. Trying to figure out how to make phone calls with very important people who could possibly change your life.

13. Trying to do a track workout without music.

14. Trying to run errands without being able to look up where businesses are located.

15. Not getting the text message from your friend saying she can't make it for your coffee date.

16. Not getting the text message from your other friend canceling your dinner plans.

17. Not getting the text message from that person you didn't want to get drinks with in the first place saying they had to cancel on drinks. (After you navigated to the bar THEY CHOSE without a phone!)

(Yes those three all happened in one day. This is why I don't leave my apartment. My friends are a bunch of flakes!)

18. Realizing your iPad is old and doesn't hold a charge.

19. Having to Face Time with people to make phone calls.

20. Not being able to take selfies. (The struggle is real. Selfie withdraws.)

21. Not being able to capture funny moments that strangers do on the subway.

22. Not being able to look busy on the subway.

23. Having to email people to contact them.

24. Not having my arsenal of photos on my phone.

and lastly,


It has been a serious struggle without my phone. I'm a hot second away from going to the apple store and getting a new one. Pray for Kelly friends. Let's hope my iPhone shows up at my apartment tomorrow. Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.