The Art of Hottie Hunting

It's no secret I love taking selfies with hot guys while I run. There's no better way to take your mind off the fact that you've been running for hours than being really creepy and making funny faces with hot guys in the background. It's a no brainer! And let me let you in on a little secret, running is a really good way to surround yourself with scantily clad hot men! It's like shooting fish in a barrel.

My brave little toaster. Samantha Caruthers

There is only one thing creepier than #HottieHunting (the technical name for taking selfies with hot men) and that's having a photographer take pictures of you taking selfies with hot men! Last weekend I met up with the incredible photographer Samantha Caruthers who is also a runner to do some #HottieHunting in Central Park! Samantha and I met because she runs with the same charity as me, Team for Kids. She just ran the Chicago Marathon on October 12th and is ran the NYC marathon as a photographer for the New York Road Runners and will be documented her entire race day for them! (Click Here to see her photo journey. It's pretty gosh darn cool.) She ran the marathon and stopped along the way to shoot along the sights along the course as a runner! She's a rally wonderful photographer and we had SO much fun being ridiculously creepy in Central Park.

Photo by Samantha Caruthers

When I snap a selfie, I am not sly about it. For one it's really difficult to take a clear picture with a guy in the frame, stay out of people's way, upload it to Instagram, caption it, and then post it ALL WHILE RUNNING. (To find out how to take the PERFECT running selfie, CLICK HERE) So if being sly is something I have to compromise for a HILARIOUS picture then I have no problem looking like a total crazy person because let's be honest, I am a total crazy person!

GIF by Samantha Caruthers

So what does it look like? Normally I approach from behind, speed up, position my self a ways in front of them and just start snapping pictures. Normally my mouth is open, why my mouth is always open I don't know. It'd become a running joke. But once I grab the picture I get to the side of the road to stay out of people's way. I then quickly pick a random filter, caption it, post it, and hope for the best.  Already with a phone straight out in front of my face it's hard not to figure out just what I am up too but with Samantha, all bets were off. See for yourself!

Normally that laughter is happening during a race. I honestly think it's the most ridiculous thing in the world so half the time I am laughing my face off.

Photo by Samantha Caruthers

What's funny is #HottGuysOfTheNYCHalf, the first time I ever live instagram-ed a race while hottie hunting, I did to take my mind of the race. I was seeing this guy and I could tell things were starting to fall apart. We weren't hanging out as much and he started to seem distant. I had asked him if he wanted to hang out that weekend and he told me he couldn't because he was going to see a friend (a female friend-I know jealous moment) run the NYC Half. And I was all WAIT JUST A SECOND! You know there is nothing I love more than cowbells, runners, and funny signs...why can't I come? So I thought screw that I am going to run it and then run by and be like, "OH HEY! I decided to run too! BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE." I hadn't trained AT ALL because we had an AWFUL winter in NYC. The furthest I had run was four miles on a treadmill and the morning of the race I actually didn't know if I would be able to make it. I was freaking out. The night before I went to get spaghetti with my sister and I couldn't stop shaking. I told her, "I actually don't know if I can do this. I think this was a really dumb idea." And she was like, "Just have fun! You are going to be fine but if you have to walk, walk! You didn't train! Just have fun!" And I had more fun than I ever imagined possible.

It takes my mind off the race. I'm not an elite athlete! I run for fun. I run solely because it makes me happy. Is it creepy? YES! Absolutely! I will be the first person to be like, yup super creepy. But it's harmless! But it's all in good fun. I think runners are some of the most impressive human beings ever! There is nothing more incredible than average people getting up to run superhuman distances! That's why I am so adamant about getting more people running. I know you think you hate running now, but just give it 4 weeks. DO THE COUCH TO 5K challenge, I promise you it will change your life. And if it doesn't and you still hate it I personally will send you a treat and a hand written apology.

Photo by Samantha Caruthers

Follow me this Sunday as I live Instagram the TCS NYC Marathon! If you aren't already you can find me on the Instagram and the Twitter via @KellyKKRoberts. Or you can track me!  I am Blue Wave 3 Coral C and my bib number is 39036! I will be crossing the starting line around 10:30am! There is a really groovy free app you can download for the marathon and can track me there! If you are running and you see me hanging out, say hi! Even if I have my ear buds in and I look really super serious, I'm just really super nervous and it manifests itself in a resting bitch face! Come poke me on the shoulder and say hi! If you're in the NYC are come cheer! I'll stop for anyone with a sign I spot and grab a picture and give some sweaty hugs!

This marathon is really huge for me. Just to be able to say I ran the NYC Marathon is incredible but to being a marathon runner really means something huge to me. It's something I never thought I would or could do. It's still something I don't think I can do. I'm TERRIFIED for Sunday! I know I'm ready, it's just a very surreal experience. It means a whole hell of a lot to me to have all of your support. So join me by doing something for yourself and taking pictures and sharing them to Instagram and Twitter this weekend using the hashtag #SIX02Moment! I am running the Marathon with SIX:02 and if we can get 602 photos shared by November 3rd they are going to match all the funds I raise for Team for Kids until November 3rd! (If you'd like to donate you can do so by CLICKING HERE!) To read more about SIX:02 and my SIX:02 Moment, CLICK HERE! Thank you so much for reading. I'll see you all Sunday!

Photo by Samantha Caruthers