What Goes Through Your Head During a Marathon

It's hard to accurately describe just how wonderfully traumatizing running a marathon is. The 2015 Berlin Marathon was my fourth marathon and it was the most surreal one to date. I really wanted to break 4 hours and I crossed the finish line at 4:03:12. I'm not going to lie, I was a tiny bit crushed. That's when you start to kick yourself for stopping to say hi to friends or taking too long at water stops. I'm bummed but I'm not heartbroken because I had a BALL!

I shaved almost 9 minutes off of my personal best time from last year's NYC Marathon so that's basically a world record, right? My goal, as always, is to have the most incredible time possible finishing with a smile on my face and I did just that and then some! This is what went through my mind during the 2015 Berlin Marathon!

I think the start of the race was one of the most magical parts. Everyone was clapping along with the music and just genuinely excited to be there.

Game faces on! The easiest mile of them all! #RunSelfieRepeat #BerlinMarathon #FindYourMore

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Mile 3 man buns #RunSelfieRepeat #BerlinMarathon #FindYourMore

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The race course itself was pretty congested which was crazy to navigate but running through Germany was amazing. Everywhere I looked I was going, "LOOK AT THAT!" and "WOW LOOK OVER THERE!"

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I found my sister Samantha and my best friends Emma and Lowam pretty early on in the course. I didn't take the time to do the kilometer to mile comparison so when I saw the text from my sister telling me where we told me where they'd be it just went in one ear and out the other. (I also didn't have the ability to text them throughout so I just had to hope I would find them.)

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There were practically no women running the race which was totally bizarre! It was really strange being surrounded by men all the time!

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Here we go. 11 to go shits about to get real. #RunSelfieRepeat #BerlinMarathon #FindYourMore

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This guy balanced a ball on his head while he ran...that happened.

Mile 19. Such a tease. 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻 #RunSelfieRepeat #BerlinMarathon #FindYourMore

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It was around mile 21 that I started to fall apart. I can't do math when I run and I REALLY can't do math at mile 21 of a marathon. I found my sister and friends at mile 23 and Sam jumped in to run with me for a second when she saw that I was struggling. She told me later that I had fallen off pace and she knew I wasn't going to break 4 but didn't want to tell me.

Everything hurts and I'm dying. #RunSelfieRepeat #BerlinMarathon #FindYourMore #berlinmarathon2015

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Towards the end I was hurting. My sports bra had rubbed me raw (the perils of having to run in perfect weather! You sweat more than when it's cold and miserable!) and it was driving me crazy. I even started talking myself out of running next month's New York City Marathon, that's how out of it I got. 

May the power of the man bun compel you through the last 2 miles. #RunSelfieRepeat #BerlinMarathon #FindYourMore

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At the very end of the race this spectator yelled, "Only 2 miles to go!" And I thought, "NO F*CKING WAY! NO. NO WAY" ---- and I flipped my lid. About 2 minutes later we turned the final corner and saw the finish line. That girl is a liar and I hate her.

I think I'm hallucinating. Almost there! #RunSelfieRepeat #BerlinMarathon #FindYourMore

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Tears spring to my eyes and I couldn't help it, a tidal wave of emotion just smacked me square in the face. Those final 2 kilometers are INSANE. Words fail to describe what running through the Brandenburg Gate was like. It was the most incredible race finish I've ever experienced.

The best part was, I happened to turn to my left just before crossing the finish line and saw my Adidas team cheering for me. I threw my hands up and screamed and then it was over.

I had the time of my life running the Berlin Marathon. I surprise myself every time I cross the starting line and being able to run a marathon is an incredibly sobering experience. I still can't believe I can run a mile yet alone the Berlin Marathon! It was one of the best days of my life.

Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.