The BEST Way To Prevent Running Injuries

Can we talk about the two words that for some reason, runners seem to fear? PHYSICAL THERAPY. If I had a dollar for every email I've ever received asking for advice about an ache, pain, or possible injury, I'd have more money than I'd know what to do with. I don't know why our immediate reaction whenever we hurt ourselves is to turn to the internet instead of a professional. I do it, just ask my Physical Therapist Mike Riccardi at Finish Line Physical Therapy. Whenever I feel a weird ache or pain, I Google it and show up to my weekly PT appointment with a list of possible diseases and illnesses. Then Mike promptly sighs and tells me that I'm fine, and it is just overuse. (And a result of my terrible running form and minimal foam rolling.)

Look, getting injured happens. Sometimes it's because we fail to cross train or do our strength training and sometimes accidents happen. I've had my fair share of running-related injuries from calf strains, runners knee, to IT band flare-ups and there's no way I'd be running as efficiently and pain-free as I am today without Finish Line Physical Therapy. Their motto is prehab instead of rehab and I'm a believer. It's so much easier to be diligent about preventing injuries than it is to have to take time off to rehab them.

If you have the resources available to you, go find yourself an amazing Physical Therapist who doesn't frown upon endurance sports. Someone who understands your need to run and isn't going to tell you that it's bad for you. Those PT's are out there. Should you meet them, RUN! Then work with them to strengthen your weak areas so that you limit your chances of acquiring a running-related injury.