The Boston Marathon Was Hot, Hot, Hot

For a lot of runners, Boston is the dream. You can't just run the Boston Marathon. There's no lottery, no register before it sells out, and no "I'll just join a charity", every single spot has to be earned. For most runners, access is granted by running what we in the running world call a "BQ" or Boston Qualifying time. Then once you run a BQ, there are a limited number of spots and entry into the race still isn't guaranteed. (For example, if there are only 500 spots for women between 25-30 and 600 women BQ'ed, they start with the fastest times and the fastest 500 get in. Those are fake numbers but you get the point. It's a big deal to get in.)

The first time I ever watched the Boston Marathon live was the year of the Boston Marathon bombings. I was a brand new runner, just one month away from running my first marathon. I remember thinking what kind of person would bomb a marathon? A MARATHON? Where people work their asses off to run an impossibly far distance as fast as they can. It was horrifying, awful, and tragic. There really aren't words to describe the unthinkable tragedy thathappened that day.

But the running community is tough and supportive. It came together, leaned into each other and didn't let a horrendous unthinkable act stop it from moving forward. Every year since, I've watched the marathon live on a computer screen at work. This year, I knew that I had to be there. Even though I wasn't running the race myself, I wanted to be there for the magic and withness my friends crush the race they had worked so hard to get into.

What went down during my Boston Marathon experience? See for yourself!

001: The Q & A.

I had the pleasure of taking over Women's Running's Snapchat on Saturday and to kill time in my car ride from NYC to Boston, I asked if anyone wanted to do a Q & A. Getting to engage directly with the running world and with so many new runners was really kind of amazing. We got questions from Alaska, South America, London, Canada and all over the United States. I honestly can't think of a better way to kill time in a car than getting to hang out with thousands of runner's around the world.

002: Make Running Fun Again

Saturday night, Runner's World hosted the November Project book launch and hundreds of people from different NP tribes across the country took over the streets of Boston before ending at the launch party. Unfortunately, my phone died and I caught basically none of the action. But Sunday, I was taking over Women's Running's Instagram and I got to hang out with @TheMattPowers all day which was nothing short of a good time. #POW is hilarious, smart, and an incredible filmmaker and he is the reason I started vlogging. If you have a minute, go check out what he shot on his YouTube page. It will give you all the feels and make you laugh your face off.

003: Uber Hell

This is what happens when it takes 30 minutes to drive 2 miles. We couldn't find the expo to save our lives and I thought it was going to kill me.

004: Nuun Up or Shut Up

Vibrating beds, the first ever Boston Marathon Flip Cup Tournament (unofficially) sponsored by Nuun, and Siri fun. I may have been a few hours late, but the expo was nothing short of hilarious.

005: Running Unapologetically

Straight from my heart. Thank you Boston.

Vlogging is something that terrifies the crap out of me but it's been really eye opening and exciting getting to tell stories in a new way. If you're enjoying the adventures, please do me a huge favor and subscribe to my YouTube channel. If not, no worries. I promise to continue to challenge myself to grow and become a better storyteller.

It's my hope that by tearing walls down within the running world, I can show the world that you don't need a six pack or a marathon under your belt to call yourself a runner. In episode 002, POW and I talked a little bit about how a very distinct line exists right now in the running world separating the "real runners" and the rest of us. It doesn't matter if you run a 2 hour 3 minute marathon or a 2 hour and 3 minute mile, we all are working towards goals. Everyone is chasing dreams and fighting to put their strongest foot forward. That's all that matters. There's nothing more contagious than a runner's high. There's nothing funnier than the sh*t we got through as a runner. It's my goal to make running fun and shine a light on the funnier aspects of running. Thank you for watching and sticking with me every step of the way.

All my love. All of it. I don't think you all know just how much you mean to me. Thank you.

Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.