The Definitive List Of Things Runners Love To Talk About

1. Pace.

Your pace or mine

Give a runner an inch and they will run a mile in 7 minutes...and then they'll talk about it for 7 years. Pace is how runners size each other up. (I know, it's crazy. I walk into conversations with runners announcing, "DISCLAIMER! I'm slow and I don't care how fast you run." It's a fantastic ice breaker.)

2. How far they ran.

How far they ran

Oh you ran 20 miles this weekend? Because another runner will happily tell you that they ran 22 miles (or 30...or 50). Runners LOVE to talk about how far they ran.

3. How far they have to run.

long run tomorrow

"I only have to run 13 miles this weekend" says the runner with an obnoxious smirk on their face. They know it's not "just" 13 miles. But they're excited that they don't have to run 20 miles like last weekend so humor them.

4. Poop.


From the time they actually pooped their pants to how they couldn't poop before their run, runners just love to talk about pooping.

5. What they ate before a run.

One runner telling another runner what they ate before their run is like how two co-workers comment on the weather. It's just the norm.

6. What they are going to eat after a run.

This is just a good way to eat up 5-10 minutes of conversation. Sometimes runners genuinely need to discuss that post run meal to get them through. I'll clock a 7 minute mile if I know I can have a cheeseburger or a beer. It's science.

7. What time they have to wake up to run.

"I should get in bed by 9 tonight because I have to get up at 5 for a long run tomorrow morning", said every runner every day ever.

8. Running injuries.

Oh you have a running injury? Imma let you finish but first, I'm going to tell you about every single running injury I've ever had.

9. Stories from when they first started running.

"When I first started running..." is like the "back in my day" for runners. First run, first half marathon, first blister, first time they ran a mile in (insert impressive time here), first time they didn't hate running, first time they ran a race...the list goes on and on.

There is only one thing runners love more than running and it's talking about running. Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.