The Great Tourist Olympics Runcation of 2015

I came, I ran, I got sunburnt! Let me explain how this runcation went, I spent weeks just incredibly excited and anxiously awaiting my getaway. I was excited to be with my family, excited to get away from the city and pretend I didn't have any responsibilities or a job, excited to swim in the ocean, excited to eat In N Out, excited to be with my Mom and Dad and cats, BEYOND excited to go to Disneyland, excited to just act like a kid. I wish I could say that it's only on vacations that I get like this, but thinking about it now, I think everything I do is geared toward getting that giddy excited feeling you get when you're a kid and you find an empty refrigerator box. Your first thought is, "Holy sh*t, the things we can do with this box! We can go down a hill in it! We can go down the stairs in it! We can push each other in the street in it! We can make a fort! We can do a trillion activities with this box! Our opportunities are ENDLESS!" I am always looking for my next refrigerator box and a vacation is THE Rolls Royce of refrigerator boxes.

I love a good time. I live for memories. It's the reason I ran a marathon last Sunday, got home, showered and was out the door in 15 minutes when I found out that my sister, good friend Heather, Mom, Aunt and Uncle all planned to go on an adventure. Like I was about to let them go have fun without me! Was I tired? Yes. Was I stoked about having to walk 3 extra miles touristing? No, no I wasn't. But it was worth it because I was powered by laughter.

I'm really, really, really lucky. I am the first person to admit that I have been handed a golden ticket when it comes to family and friends. Everyone is a rock star. We could be shoveling cow poop and it would probably be the best day of my life. Everyone is all about having a good time.

This past week has been incredible. My heart is glowing and I am beyond excited about this six pack I acquired from laughing so hard. (Just kidding...I ate to much cookie dough and double doubles to acquire a six pack -- NO REGRETS!) Here are the best parts of the past 8 days.


My family isn't perfect. We are loud, we are opinionated and we are strong. Much of this trip was spent arguing but it's always done with an open mind. That being said, my God are we crazy. I don't know how I lucked into this state of mind but I've never really been "embarrassed" by my family. So many kids want to be cool and want to fit in but I LOVED  having a really loud, hilarious and unique Mom and Dad. I was proud to have them instead of wanting to put on an invisibility cloak when they made a scene. I would think, "DAMN MY PARENTS ARE FUNNY."

This trip was all about the Tourist Olympics. I've been to San Francisco, Orange County, Disneyland and San Diego a trillion times. I've seen it all but our good friend Heather who came with us hasn't. So we went all out. We whipped out Go-Pro selfie sticks, made pyramids at tourist attractions and staged all the photo ops. If the Tourist Olympics were a real thing, we would be Gold Medalists right now.

2. The San Francisco Marathon

I spent a good portion of my 26.2 mile journey telling Gregg how bizarre it was that I was running a marathon so nonchalantly. I still can't believe I ran a marathon like it was no big deal! When did that happen?!? It feels like it was just yesterday that I couldn't run to the mailbox! The pictures from the race say it all, we had the best time. We laughed, we complained, we made friends and we crossed the finish line like bosses. All the fun was had. All of it. There's two ways you can run a race, you can run hard and really see what you're capable of or you can just try to have the best time possible. Neither is better or worse and they don't exactly need to be exclusive. But for me, if I'm paying to run a distance most people find tortuous, I'm going to try to have the best time possible. Otherwise, why even bother? That's a waste of money.

3. Disneyland

My best friend Raven and I have a very symbiotic relationship. We drink the same Kool-Aid and we go crazy when we go extended periods of time without seeing each other. But when we get to go to Disneyland together, that's when the magic happens. Disneyland is our land. What was even more exciting was that my sister Samantha, our good friend Heather and their hilarious friend Brian all came along as well. We hopped off a plane at 8:00am and were at Disneyland from 9am-12am. We had a full Disney day. We cried during the fireworks, danced everywhere, rode all the rides, told all the jokes, ate all the food and smiled for 15 hours straight. I love Disneyland almost as much I love this group of people.

4. The Beach!

My white Snow White skin burnt like I've never burnt before. I love the beach. I love, love, love going in the ocean. One of the hardest parts about living in NYC is being surrounded by water that I can't go in. But grabbing a burrito and frolicking in the waves is my jam. I don't even mind the sunburn because I had to much fun acquiring it. (Next time someone put some SPF on my back though K????)

5. My Home.


There really, truly is no place like home. My cats, my parents, my neighbors -- it's all the best. I only got one full day to be home which is my only regret. I ended up having to fly back 2 days early because of an event I get to go to tomorrow. In order to make everything work, I had to cut my time in San Diego short which really sucks. But my family and I got to go see Trainwreck together and I don't know which was funnier, Trainwreck or my Mom and Dad during the movie. You had to be there to understand but my God was it an experience.

6. A Week Off Of Running!

I haven't run a single mile since the San Francisco Marathon and I couldn't be happier. Sometimes you need some time off and I really, really needed this week to step away and not worry about a training plan or getting my miles in. I didn't exactly plan to take a week off but our days were so jam packed full of activities that I didn't have an option. I love running. I am obsessed with running. Nothing makes me happier than running a marathon but sometimes you have to turn off and recharge. I needed a break. Especially for what is going to be happening in the next 3 months. Recovery was necessary both physically and mentally. Monday I'm back at it and I'm looking forward to it! There is so much happening right now that I want to feel excited about it all instead of overwhelmed. This week was exactly what I needed.

7. The Exhaustion.

I am vacationing all wrong you guys. I'm exhausted. There wasn't a single day where we slept in or sat around hanging out. Every moment was spent adventuring which is the way it should be! I don't go on a vacation to relax, I go on a vacation hungry for a good time! I didn't get nearly enough sleep this trip, which is fine because once I'm back in the city I can recover. I am tired though! You know you had a good trip when you can't keep your eyes open on the plane.

I am heartbroken that it's over. It happened way, way to fast. What's next? SOMETHING EVEN MORE EXCITING! In 3 weeks I'm headed to Chicago and then a few weeks after that is the surprise we've all been waiting for! Then it's back to the city for the New York City Marathon! Then I'm going to hybernate for the rest of the year because 2015 has been insane. What a year and it's only August! Buckle up because Run, Selfie, Repeat is about to get crazy.

Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.