The Internet's Best Reactions To My Finish Line Photo

I'm not one to simply "cross" a finish line. Normally, my arms are thrown wide and I'm smiling like a fool, exploding with pride, (OK FINE! HALF THE TIME I'M CRYING) but every once in a while, if I have enough energy, I get a little hammy and do something crazy. Well, I didn't push too hard during the Flying Pig Half Marathon so I figured I'd make the most out of my finish line photo. (See what I did there?)

After I shared my finish line photo, the hilarity that ensued was neither solicited or expected but it's worth its weight in gold. The internet MADE MAGIC.

First, I came in like a wrecking ball.

I hung out with my sister Samantha for a round of golf.

Then I showed this bouncy house a thing or two about celebrating.

Slayed these kids in a potato sack race.

Got really excited for this Toyota car despite the fact that it is not a Prius.

Played some Limbo.

And traveled back in time to show my Patriotic due diligence.

Nabbed my 5 minutes of fame at the Today Show.

Went skydiving.

Raced horses like it was nobodies business.

Stayed classy with the Channel 4 news team.

Then went for a spin around the San Diego Bay.

Showed off my high jumping skills. #HopsForDays

Got way to excited when Forest stopped running.

Hit up Coachella so I could throw some really groovy pics up on the Insta and make all my pals jealous.

And I was all, "Suck it Mindy IM Sandra Bullock." 


And finally took in a show in Vegas.

Touche internet and Steve for these treasures. And don't forget to ALWAYS cross the finish line like a boss! Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.