The 8 Products and People Who Helped Me Run 3 Marathons In 1 year

It's no secret that I really fell into the deep end of the running pool. In the almost 3 years that I've been running, I've run 5 marathons, over a dozen half marathons and a handful of 5k, 10k and other shorter distance races. That's a lot of running to do in such a short amount of time! What was even crazier was deciding to run 3 marathons in 1 single year. Is it something I would recommend doing? If you're crazy enough, sure! (It was painful and really tough on my social life but I don't regret a single step.)

(DISCLAIMER: Social media and running blogs have changed the running game. I want to say that it's not exactly "healthy" to run 3 marathons in 1 year. I have a handful of doctors who all advised me against it. If you're someone who is being influenced by all the running bloggers and influencers who run back to back to back marathons and half marathons, I want you to know that you really do need to be smart about how you train and recover! The best way to stay injury free is to prevent injuries! Get into physical therapy, spoon your foam roller daily and really listen to your body! I'm not saying go run back to back marathons. I don't even know how I did it!)

There are endless amounts of running products, equipment and gear on the market. You can read every single review out there but it all comes down to personal preference. What works for you may not work for someone else! If you're curious, these are the products and people who made running 3 marathons in 1 year possible. 

1. Physical Therapy.

Mike Riccardi of Finish Line PT

I would never have been able to get through this year if I wasn't going once (often twice!!!) a week to see Mike Riccardi at Finish Line Physical Therapy. From working my muscles on the table to learning how to strengthen my weaker muscles to prehab common running injuries, the thousands of miles I logged this year would never have been possible without Mike and Finish Line. (And trigger points foam rollers. Clap it up for foam rollers.)

2. Compression Socks.

Compression Sleeves

It's science, compression socks work. I started wearing Zensah calf socks when my calves went hay-wire at the tail end of training for the Berlin Marathon. Then when I rolled my ankle a week before the Berlin Marathon, Mike told me to start wearing their compression socks too. Now I wear the calf sleeves under my everyday clothes and the socks when I sleep. After I ran Berlin, I just didn't take them off. I was skeptical for a while but now I'm a believer.

3. NormaTech Recovery System.

G0020870 (1).jpg

Now these babies are EXPENSIVE so I use them at Finish Line Physical Therapy. Towards the end of my training cycle, ESPECIALLY when I rolled my ankle, I was using them every other day for 45-60 minutes. They help pump fresh blood into your legs and are clutch to your recovery time. They are literally the best things to ever happen to me and thanks to Finish Line Physical Therapy, I can use them whenever I want. (Best physical therapists? Yes. Yes they are.)

4. Vega Energizer Power and Chia Seeds.

GoGo Juice

I call it my go-go juice but this powerful combo makes me feel invincible. I refuse to live without Vega's energizer powder. It's my favorite thing in the whole entire world and you can get it online or at Whole Foods. Go try it, it will change your life.

5. The Juno Sports Bra by Moving Comfort.

Juno moving comfort

To get a little personal, I have boobs. I'm a D cup and I refuse to wear 2 sports bras when I run. The only sports bra I'll wear when I run anything over 6 miles is a Juno Moving Comfort. (If you could see the scars, you'd know why.) It's the best sports bra on the market.

6. Adidas Ultra Boost Shoes.

ultra boosts

Do I believe in a magic perfect pair of shoes? No. I think we all gravitate towards different feels but I've tried over 15 pairs of shoes in my 3 years and these are, hands down, my absolute favorites. Why? Because they are light and sturdy! It's a lethal combo. I thought I'd be an Asics girl for life (and I still love Asics) but these shoes are pretty damn amazing.

7. Spi Belt.


How do I hold my phone, gels, keys and cash when I run? MY SPI BELT. Why? Because it doesn't bounce, it's light as a feather, it keeps my stuff dry when I sweat and it's easy to use. I don't like wearing an armband to hold my phone. Spi Belt for life.

8. Body Glide.

Body Glide

Just buy body glide in bulk. It's a chafe cream that keeps your body parts from being rubbed raw. It's worth it's weight in gold.

There you have it. Without these 8 things, the thousands of miles I logged this year would never have been possible. What are your favorite running products that you can't live without? Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.