The Runfie

Runfie: A photograph that you take of yourself before, during, or after a run to share your runner's high, your latest running fashion statement, or to show off some form of badassery.

I want to share with the very first runfie I ever took. I took this December 1, 2012. (Note the cotton shirt and the angry face? That's the face of a woman who is frustrated with her inability to run a single mile.)

I often hear from strangers who hate, with every fiber of their being, the fact that running selfies exist. So to those beautiful and lovely humans, I say:

In case you haven't guessed, I enjoy a runfie and here is why. That picture of me was taken 9 days after my very first run. I walked with short walking breaks 5.31 miles in 1 hour and 36 seconds. Those first few weeks of running were really, really, painful and hard. I can't believe I stuck with it they were that hard for me. But at that time in my life I felt like I had nothing going for me. I wanted something to be proud of so I started running. I would take these runfies and post them to Instagram as a way for me to say look what I am doing.

I know, it's vain, but it held me accountable and it became an outlet. My friends couldn't believe I was running. Running a marathon was something I thought was impossible. Running gave me something to be incredibly proud of in my post graduation rut.

I have been using RunKeeper, a running app you can use on your smartphone, since the very beginning. One of the best part about these runfies is that I have the ability to take a runfie and see the stats of it's corresponding workout. I love looking back at those first few months and seeing 10, 11, and 12 (OK fine sometimes 13 and 14) minute miles. Take that very first runfie as an example. These are the stats from my 5 miler.

1 whole hour and 36 seconds averaging 11 minute 25 second miles! This is my last 5 mile run. What a difference 21 months can make!

I was running with my friend Lisa on Sunday and she kept apologizing for slowing me down. I kept telling her, "GIRL! This isn't slow! This is my pace too!" A 12 minute mile and a 5 minute mile are both a mile! You have to walk before you can run! I mean if you are one of those people who can just get up and run 5 miles at a 6 minute pace your first run out the gate, I salute you. That's awesome. I didn't have that experience. It took me about a month to be able to run 3 miles without stopping. I have been running for 21 months now and I too still run a 10 minute mile. I hate hearing people tell me how slow they are. I also hate when I tell people how slow I am. There are no slow runners, just runners. And the fact that you get out there and run deserves a standing ovation.

So that is why I love the runfie. I love it because it was one of the reasons I stuck with running and now I have hundreds of runfies that I can look back at. I can see runfies from my first races, my first runs in snow, my runs in different places or on vacations. I have 2 years worth of selfies that illustrate my progression. And for the same reasons, I love the #RunSelfieRepeat hashtag and movement! It amazes me that I get to look at all of your runfies and all the different places, countries, and states you run. I see people all over the USA and in different countries using #RunSelfieRepeat. So thank you for sharing them with me. Without further ado here is the latest seflie roundup!

Keep those runfies coming! Remember to use the hashtag #RunSelfieRepeat to capture and share those wonderful runfies! Until tomorrow friends, #RunSelfieRepeat.