The Running Mantra That Is Helping Me Push Through Discomfort

One of my greatest fears is that I'm a quitter. If I'm being totally honest, my habit of taking the easy road is the reason why running resonates so deeply with me. Running taught me that just because something feels difficult or even impossible doesn't mean that it's not something worth pursuing. You can't fake your way through a half or full marathon, you have to do the work and running has helped me realize that I can't live myself playing it safe or trying to be perfect. If you work hard and believe in yourself, just about anything really is possible.

No one likes to fail but I really believe that the only way you'll fail is if you fail to try. Goals are great but when you focus only on an end result, you throw patience out the window and you're destined for a tough time. I know because for weeks, I've been worried about my goal Boston Marathon qualifying goal instead of just focusing on where I'm at in the process or what my Coach has put on my training plan today. I know better but sometimes fear is louder than reason.

I've been struggling a lot with doubt and my own personal self imposed limits but one mantra that has helped me stay present when I want to pull back so that I can catch my breath is, "I can do this". Those four words have helped me give every run, regardless of how difficult it is, the good ol' college try. Something Dr. Bob said to me that really made sense was being mindful of when I feel unsure of myself. That doubts are normal, it's up to me that I still give every intimidating run my best effort.  

These past 3 months of BQ training have been transformative, challenging, painful and exhilarating and we're only half way there! The only thing I know for sure is that I'm wasting my time if I don't believe that I can do this. It isn't always easy to believe in yourself but if I don't, why should I expect anyone else to? 

 Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.