The trials and tribulations of being a runner and online dating in NYC…

With Valentine's Day around the corner, single runners everywhere are probably thinking, "The longest relationship I've had in months is with my running shoes." It's not easy being single and a runner! Your time is spread very thin between work, running and your social life (this is why I am a huge advocate of the "Running Date".) It's guest blogger time! Introducing my fast and furious pal Anoush who is breaking down the trials and tribulations of being a runner and online dating in NYC...

Alright I’m getting personal up in here, and by personal I mean embarrassing as hell. Because let’s be honest, I've got no game. To paint a picture: I spent about an hour spectating the 2014 New York City Marathon yelling at every cute guy just to let them know how attractive they were. That, to me, constitutes as flirting. I've also been known to get a number or two after I run a guy down at the finish line because nothing says "date me" like running a guy down! Tack on the part where I have to hide the fact that I spend a couple hours a day working out and prioritize running over most humans, online dating has been err...challenging. These are the trials and tribulations of being a runner and online dating in NYC.

Classic  Anoush !

Classic Anoush!

1. Dating profiles.

What I say I'm like...

The trials and tribulations of being a runner in nyc

What I'm actually like...

I am: 

•    Passionate and/or crazy about running, constantly thinking about my next meal, 99% sure I do not want to stay out late on Friday before my long run

I like:

•    Waking up extremely early, running and going back to bed, eating, eating, 

I appreciate when my date:

•    Doesn’t think I’m a freak, is OK with the fact that I probably run faster yet will still make an effort to run with me.

2. We open with cliche and terrible opening lines.

Write here...

Write here...

Dude, yes I am aware you ran the NYC marathon as well. Your bib was in your profile picture and OK fine, I may or may not have looked up your time and found it respectable. (Chances are you did the same!) This is not a flirty opening line! I know! Sorry! I just worked a 10 hour day and ran 10 miles, I'm tired but I'm genuinely curious.

3. DISCLAIMER: Racing is a staple of our weekends.

Expect one every other week. Read: We can hang out every other week and you are welcome to massage my calves anytime in between!

4. If you can't handle our PR's, don't ask.

Is this a competition to you? Is that why you didn't respond?

(Kelly here, and Anoush I have this same problem all the time! OK! MAYBE NOT! FINE.)

5. Maybe don't open with how athletic our children will be?

dating and being a runner in nyc

Ummmmm I usually require dinner before talks of children! But like, word...

6. We may or may not excel at other sports.

trials and tribulations

I was just trying to illustrate that I enjoy other sports beside running.

7. Yes, we've read Born to Run and yes, it changed our life. 

dating and being a runner in nyc

You asked me to talk about the book I’m reading. Excuse me while I type out a paragraph on why this book is the best book I’ve ever read.

So to be fair, most runners don’t have game, however, we will likely never pass up the opportunity to have a good beer and good food! Also, you will get MORE sleep dating us (erhh no promises on being quiet in the AM...)

And you will probably be motivated to workout more (but seriously you don’t have to be faster!!!! It’s actually really cute if you’re not..). Oh and if you have a bib in one of your pictures, I already know your time for that race, so when I ask, I am just trying to make conversation ;) 

So go the extra mile when you're chatting up a runner! They mean well, they just have no game!