The Ultimate Badass Female Running Coach List

In 2017, 57.8% of race finishers were women.

Not only are women dominating the running space, women HAVE BEEN dominating the running space for years. (Shoutout to all the men who told us our uteruses would fall out if we ran long distance just 50 years ago.) Yet, despite the fact that women continue to outnumber the dudes, finding a running coach who is also female can seem harder than running a marathon. Which is crazy town because there isn’t a shortage of badass lady running coaches.

At least, there isn’t a shortage of running coaches for everyday runners. When you look at the more competitive fields, everyone from youth running clubs to collegiate and elite athletes, they’re all coached by men. Check out these stats and fight the urge not to light everything on fire.

There are endless benefits to having a running coach. From becoming a runner, working towards a seemingly impossible and crazy goal, acquiring new tools to help you run stronger, to having that accountability factor, a running coach can be an invaluable resource if it’s available to you.

Do you need a running coach? Certainly not. Plenty of runners kick ass and take names on their own, with an app, or with the support of a #BadassLadyGang.

But if you’re in the market for a new running coach, we asked the #BadassLadyGang to submit their favorite running coaches so that we could curate the ultimate badass female running coach list.


Before we get started, I want to highlight the woman who inspired this list, the badass female running coach I trust with my running goals and training, Rebeka Stowe.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Big 12 Champion. Woman of Distinction. Olympic Trials Finalist. 7 time US Outdoor Championship Qualifier. Nike NYC Coach.

All super groovy and badass, but the reason I find Coach Stowe revolutionary is because she gets it. She understands not only what it takes to be a killer athlete, but she understands that we run for our lives. Most of us don’t run impressive times and we’re never going to break the tape, we run because we lost someone. Or our lives fell apart. We lost ourselves. Or running helped us see and feel our strength and believe in what we’re capable of. The list goes on and on and on. Stowe understand the heart and soul of a runner which is why I think she’s one of the fiercest coaches out there. So follow her on Instagram , check out her website, or reach out to her about coaching because she’s a coach to watch.

Now, without further ado,





Angie Brennan, Soldotna


$40/160 month

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“In a small town, she is not only an amazing fitness motivator, she is a triathlon coach, a youth and adult swim coach and a age group participant. She coaches all ages, abilities and brings them to their best.”- Morgan



Whitney Fichtelberg, Carlsbad

(Revo2lution Running level 1)


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“I coach with my heart and my gratitude for what running has given me. Experience, laughter, fun, accountability, knowledge.”


Meghan Laws, Cool

(USATF Level 1 & RRCA Level 1)

$150 per month

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

”She’s a legit badass. Western States 100 top ten multiple times, Team USA for the 100k multiple times, World record holder for the 100k for the 50 and 55 year old age groups. She’s always positive, so encouraging, obviously inspirational. She’s coached me through 12 marathons, one ultra, and many PR’s.” -Martha


Jessica Rinehart, Long Beach

(RRCA level 1)


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“I reached out to Jessica after a botched first marathon that left me injured and very defeated. We talked through my training cycle which wasn't terrible but she was able to immediately encourage me and help me see the areas I needed improvement on. She coached me through my first half marathon and with her coaching I was able to PR on my 10-miler and 2nd marathon (by 46minutes). Jessica is always super responsive and helpful helping me figure out when and how to schedule my training sessions depending on the type of week I am having. She is super sweet and it feels amazing to have the pressure off from having to figure out what to do but to also have someone so amazing to be accountable to.” -Vivienne


Meghan Stevenson Noblit, San Francisco

(Road Runners of America)


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“Meghan is an amazing listener that helps her create great training plans. As a middle of the pack runner it was nice to get advice and help from another middle of the pack runner.”- Amanda



Amy De Seyn

(Run Right Pro: Freedom in the Form)


“She gets to know her runners! She strives to meet with them in person if they’re local, and video-chats with them if remote. She checks in on a consistent basis and stresses that her athletes make notes of all their runs and workouts so she can see how they felt and how they did. She’s also very affordable for the amateur runner, and has plans that include strength training specific to runners for those who are also looking to get stronger.”



Mary Johnson, Hamden

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“Mary really promotes a healthy, balanced lifestyle where mental wellness is just as important as physical. That being said, her workouts will kick your ass and make you the best runner you’ve ever been capable of.” -Hannah


Rachael Colacino, Bloomfield

(Pose Running Specialist, Crossfit Level 2 Coach)


Virtual Coaching available? Yes


District of Columbia

Kathy Pugh, D.C.


Virtual Coaching available? No

“She centers women of all ages, abilities, and paces, provides great workouts and encouragement, and has her own inspiring running journey!”- Noelle


Sarah Segesdy, Pomfret

(USATF level 2)

Virtual Coaching available? Yes



Kristen Scruggs, Orlando

(RRCA, vdot 02, Ironman certified)

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“Super personalized plan, can also help with nutrition & planning our cross training. Since working with Kristen I’ve taken 32 minutes off my marathon time!” - Kara


Diane Berberian, St. Petersburg, FL


Virtual Coaching available? Yes



Becca Menke, Chicago

(UESCA Certified Running Coach)

$125 - 175 per month

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“Becca helped me take 13 minutes off my half marathon PR in less than 6 months! She’s super kind, and takes all the guess work out of training. She also makes sure to get to know you so she can build a training plan that works with your life.” - Kelsey


Denise Sauriol, Chicago

(RRCA level 1, USATF Level 1)

Virtual coaching, $150/month

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“I love helping others do something they didn’t think they could do. That is what my coach did for me and I want to pass on what was given to me. I started coaching after surviving a near fatal car accident on my way to a race on 8-16-2009. That day was my ReBirthday and helped me find my purpose. Fast forward to 2016, I left my 26 year to coach full-time. The courage to De-Corporate came from my first marathon finish line...that is why I aim to share marathoning and running with everyone. I even published a book in September to help people see that they too can do a marathon. (Its called Me, You & 26.2) I help people run their first mile all the way to help someone run their first 100 miler. I am also proudly known as the Marathon Whisperer. I like to reintroduce running naysayers back into all the fun they can have on the run while also helping them see what they are made of. I believe we should all do things we are SCITED (Scared + Excited) about whether it's a marathon or giving your notice. That is when we come most alive. ...btw I have run 104 marathons, 2 ironmans, 2 100 milers, bungee jumped, sky dived but most importantly decided to follow my heart instead of my head so I can impact people every day. Their finish lines and internal growth sticks to my soul!”

“Denise is unbelievably positive and has the utmost faith in her “students”. - Christine



Laura Norris, Valparaiso

(RRCA 1 and 2 in progress)


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“She bases her plans on science and is always researching new ways to improve her running and be a better coach (taking new certification atm to help trail runners) but at the same time she is super attentive to the needs of each personal runner.”- [signed: a runner coached by Laura]



Tracy Demerath, Dubuque

Virtual Coaching available? No

“She knows her stuff and wants to see people succeed. She’s real with people”



Alison Staples, Baltimore

(RRCA level 1)

$50/month depending on race

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“I found Alison through the RRCA website. I was looking for a coach to help me train for my first marathon post cancer, and I’m so glad I reached out to her. Not only did she help me reach the finish line at NYC this year, but she’s also super encouraging and knowledgeable of the human body through her work as a physical therapist. I will be using her again to train for Chicago 2019!”


Emily Waggoner, La Plata

Below $100

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“She is absolutely amazing! Not only is she one of the most encouraging, supportive people I have ever met, but she her upbeat‚ go-get-em‚ attitude is sure to motivate even the most beginner of runners. With her easy to use, clear training plans, one on one help and tracking, I was able to not only complete my first marathon in 3 months time (from barely being able to run a mile), but I lost 75 lbs in the past 10 months! Never did I think I could achieve such a feat, nor did I ever think I would label myself as a a runner, but her unceasing support, positive attitude, heart for others allowed me to do the impossible. Anyone who comes in contact with this woman is sure to come out a better individual with a greater sense of self efficacy, drive, self love.” -Stephanie


Lisa Levin Reichmann, Rockville



Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“Lisa is just the best; I can no longer imagine my life without her. She's so knowledgeable. Whatever comes up, she knows how to address it or alter my training plan around it. She's also got the greatest strength and race-prep plans that have taught me so much. She really understands how to help you reach your goals and be proud of your accomplishments along the way. I never thought she was pushing me too hard or asking too much of me, but she has faith that I can do more than I think I can. And she keeps turning out to be right! She makes the impossible possible!”- Caetlin



Lauren Riccardi, Attleboro

(DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy), OCS (Orthopedic Certified Specialist), CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)

Virtual & in person coaching starting at $85/month and vary based on runner’s needs.

“I have my doctorate in physical therapy and and specialize in orthopedics. I have helped train runners and worked extensively with the New York Road Runners organization before leaving New York to move to Massachusetts. I also have my strength and conditioning certification. I use all of my background to not only create running workouts for my clients but also include cross-training workouts and troubleshooting for injuries and issues that arise along the way. I created and used my own program that helps me qualify for Boston a year ago!”

“Lauren is an INVALUABLE asset to any runner not only because she’s a Physical Therapist, but because she’s a killer runner and listener! An absolute joy to be around, I can say first hand that Lauren embodies what it means to be a kick ass running coach.” - Kelly Roberts


Amanda Nurse, Boston

Virtual Coaching available? Unknown

“She's FAST AF (2X olympic qualifier) and so nice and a mom to a one year old .. she literally does it all; she's also big into cross-training and is a certified yoga instructor -- can someone be more badass?” - Sarah


Anoush Arakelian, Boston


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“I needed someone to hold me accountable and to challenge me in places where I failed to challenge myself. I wanted someone down to earth and understanding, but also someone part psycho and determined to help me reach my goals. This was when I found Anoush. She had been someone I followed on social media and who I admired for her diligence and hard work. When I reached out to her and got a response from her instantly, I knew she was the match. She wasn’t a coach who gave me a plan and then let me go until the race. She checked in with me often without being overbearing, and I never felt like I was disappointing her because her constant encouragement and kind words always lifted me back up.”


Leah Croteau, Boston


“Leah took me from 0 to half marathon! She’s a yoga instructor, lululemon ambassador and running coach who personalizes a schedule for you and holds you accountable. She’s down to earth, fun, playful, encouraging and really truly cares about you and your progress!” - Norah


Rachel LaVoie, Boston


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“Rachel coaches me for this year’s New York City Marathon and she believed in me more than I believed in myself. As someone who has run several marathons herself and has seen the direct affects of over training Rach tackles each client as an individual and consistently checks in. I like to call her my part time coach and part time therapist because sometimes I would text her with tears in my eyes after a brutal run and she would immediately find time to chat to lift me back up. Not to mention, she’s a brand new mom to the most adorable little boy. Talk about a badass!” -Nora


Laura Ingalls, Northampton

(BFA, Syracuse University » Certified Personal Trainer, NASM » Certified Triathlon Coach, USAT » Certified Running Coach, Tier 1, Jack Daniels Method » Certified Holistic Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition » Wellcoach, Wellcoaches » Fitness and Nutrition Career Diploma, PennFoster » Member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners)


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“Laura is amazing, not only I she a coach that will get you to the finish line. But she will look at your lifestyle and schedule to help you make the best of your training. I found her to not only be a coach but my number one cheerleader through it all.”-Danielle


Alicia Golden, Quincy

(RRCA, personal trainer and functional movement specialist)

$100+/mo (depending on package you want)

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

”She's my coach! She's a real role model as a four time Ironman (with more to come), she's run Boston countless times, is strong, fit, encouraging, and holds you accountable while still being supportive.” -Michelle


Jenn Miola, Lunenburg

(RRCA Level 1 Certified Running Coach)


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“From feedback that has been given to me: motivational, inspirational, dedicated to my clients success. I love running and talking about running and showing others what life with running is like. Working with beginners or experienced runners of all paces to bring them to where they want to be. Whether it’s a couch to 5k or running their best marathon ever!”



Victoria Phillippi, Minneapolis



“Started and runs her own business that employs other female running coaches. She is incredibly supportive and kind and braves the tough Minnesota winters. She does all of this while also being a mom!”

“Victoria is the most supportive amazing person I’ve ever known. She is so hands on and always believes in me even when I struggle. She is more than just a coach, she is a friend. She has PR’d in various distances (most recently a 3:13 marathon) since having a baby last year. She understands everything you go through as a runner and coaches athletes to BQs and to their first 5Ks. She is great.” - Kathlyn



Brooke Henderson, Springfield

$5/class on average

Virtual Coaching available? No

“Brooke will never let you give up on yourself. From beginner to elite runner, she’s got you covered. She shows up for you when you least expect it. Always lifting others up even when she’s down.” - Melanie


Melanie Roach, Springfield


Virtual Coaching available? No

“Melanie has a vision for all women in Springfield and is a badass warrior for those women. She badassly strives to prove ALL women are strong, beautiful, badass athletes! We love Melanie and what she does for our community! She is a true Badass Coach!” -Brooke

“She brought together approximately 40 women in our moderately sized town (250,000) to volunteer, do out of town road races, trail races for 200 miles over 2 days and some have gone from never running to full marathons. We are all a tribe and Melanie is our leader who f***s politeness and helps us stay alive in this world that isn’t so kind to female runners.” - Brandi



Jennifer Sneed, Henderson

(USATF level 1)

Virtual Coaching available? No

“I love coaching kids up in this sport.”


New Hampshire

Meghan Gould, Hancock

(CPT & former USAT level 1 coach)

$149 - $369

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“I love coaching women to their running goals and watching their personal transformation along the way! I know first hand how running can change your life and I want to help others experience that for themselves just as I did over 10 years ago! My mission to help you become stronger, happier, and healthier through running!!”-Meghan Gould


Lisa Weber, Portsmouth

(RRCA Level 1)


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“Ran 6 marathons and 11 half marathons. She believes anyone can run and wants everyone to find a love for running like she has!”



Erica Coviello, Belmar

(RRCA Level 1 ACSM and ACE certified as well!)


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“I am awesome at not only building unique, customized, quality training plans, but I am really good at motivating, encouraging, and connecting people. Share the stoke!!!”


Hillary Walter, Montclair


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“She coached me "virtually" while leading a 25 person training group. She's lead three training cycles from halves to fulls. Each participant feels the connection and support from her. She messages you about your paces. If she saw you struggling she reaches out with advice or with praise. She understands the emotional aspect as much as the physical aspect. I use the words "virtual" because she sent me plans online. But for every workout when I was in the dark place I heard her in my head and knew I trusted her judgement. Really anyone would be incredibly lucky to have her as a coach.” -Lizzy



Stephanie Creaturo, Brooklyn

(RRCA 1)

“Steph has built a really nurturing community through her yoga studio, and has brought an amazing group of runners together. She focuses just as much on the runner brain and mindfulness as she does on your paces and glute strength! I still have a vm saved on my phone from Steph after I ran a really shitty Paris marathon- 8 months ago. She inspires me to want to be a better runner and a better support system to other runners. She’s truly a bad ass and a woman who will leave a lasting impact.” -Lauren


Karina Christiansen, Brooklyn

(USATF, and RRCA level 1)

“Karina coached me in my first NYC marathon. She's a veteran marathoner and while her coaching style is hands on and she's always there for you while not being pushy at all. She's kind of there for you however much you need her. She made me a great four month workout training plan spreadsheet and I shared all my runs with her in Strava so she could see how I was doing.
She is USATF certified and knows her sports science - for every question I had, from why it's not necessarily a great idea to do multiple 20 mile runs or why tapering feels so awful, she had a really smart article to send me in response. Most importantly, she has her priorities straight - she knows that success doesn't come out of grinding yourself to death - her philosophy is that "there must be joy." Instead success comes when you're having fun and running for the right reasons, not out of fear, guilt or obligation. She was super available for questions and consultations. Also, she's the sweetest, kindest person and if you have to consult with someone for four months straight, you'd want it to be someone who's pleasant to be around!” -Ali


Rebecca Darugar, Brooklyn

(RRCA Level 1)

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“I am a woman of color who works at a woman-owned coaching studio in Brooklyn. I have coached athletes for a variety of distances, helping them meet their goals for 5Ks to marathons. And goals don’t just mean race times, they mean process goals, health and fitness goals, experiential goals, and more.”


Katie Brown, Corinth


$55/mo if you sign up for 4+ months

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“Katie has children in school with my son and she is first off an amazing person. She volunteers to teach the running club at school and takes the kids to track meets. Katie became my coach and she’s going to get me through my first Half. We’ve worked together for a couple months now. She is taking my goals and way of life into account when making my plan. She’s also great at talking me off the ledge when I doubt myself. She has helped me with cross training, strength building, and mental preparation. I love working with her and I am so glad she is in my corner.” -Elizabeth


Carolyn Brafman, New York City

(RRCA level 1)


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

‘Understanding female bodies is key to providing coaching insight.”


Gretchen Connelie, NYC (+ OC,CA)


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“I really enjoy giving running advice/answering questions for relative newbies vs. writing training plans to shave 5 minutes. Running can be so intimidating but doesn’t have to be. #EverybodyChafes”


Heather Laurel, New York City

(RRCA & USATF level 1. Level 2 in process!)


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“Heather is an experienced & well-rounded coach. She is wise, empathetic, and always knows the right thing to say to get her runners through their training. She understands how to coach runners of all abilities and paces. I know I can rely on her when I need her most!”


Meghan Takacs, New York City

(Usatf level 1. Crossfit level 2.)

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“Even though the workouts are pre-recorded on Aaptiv, she always knows exactly what to say when you need to hear it. She doesn't sugar coat how tough running is. She has moved across the country to fulfill her dream and is making it possible for so many athletes to better themselves as a runner.” -Lauren


Tamara Cella, NYC/North NJ

(RRCA Level 1)


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“She is a marathoner who works with new runners or women who don’t feel like runners. She’s lost 100 pounds through diet and running and is inspirational for those looking to do the same. She’s supportive, but in a tough love kind of way.”


Michelle Knopp, Rochester

(USATF Certified Coach)


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“Michelle has taken me from a 9:30 5k to 7:51 5k in 14 months. She takes the time to get to know you.. what your strengths and weaknesses are. So she can come up with a training plan that is unique to you and your goals. She is there every step of the way too. Those days that you don’t feel like getting outside she is there to encourage you and remind you of your goals. I couldn’t have picked a better coach!” -Justine

“Watching Michelle run and race throughout her pregnancy was one of the most inspiring things I have seen. She has faced many ups and downs and training and always shares her challenges and then perseveres. She champions all other runners and encourages them to smash their goals!” -Kathy


Laura Peifer, outside of NYC

(RRCA Certified Running Coach)

Monthly coaching- $75/month (plus 1 nutrition session per month - $105/month) 12 month coaching plan- $59/month

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“Laura is an awesome coach. She is very responsive and makes you feel like you are her only client. I was nervous to work with a run coach because I am not a super fast/super strong runner so coaches can be intimidating to me but I do not feel that way with Laura. I first signed up to train with Laura for the 2017 NYC Marathon but I liked working with her so much I am still working with her 😊 I would highly recommend her no matter what your pace or what you are training for.” -Stacey


North Carolina

Julia Hughes, Chapel Hill

(FIT4MOM Certified Running Coach; American Red Cross First Aid; Adult; Child, & Infant CPR)

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“Julia makes running fun! She understands what it is like to balance health, family and career. When struggling through a run, she will slow down her pace, keep you talking and get you through to the finish.” -Lindsay


Beth Andrew, Wilmington

(USTA level 2)


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“She’s very encouraging and will work with your schedule to help you reach your goals! She’s done triathlons, marathons, etc and she knows each step of the process!”


Connie Gardner, Akron


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“Connie sees your potential and believes in you before you’re ready to see it for yourself. Trusting her will help you take calculated risks and move off your plateaus. Support from the team helps you stay engaged whether you’re training for a big goal or just life. I have PRed every distance and conquered new ones (50M!) since working with her -- and I know there are only more PRs to come.”-Adrienna



Debra Acevedo Carlson, Edmond

(RRCA Certified)

$100 for 12 weeks

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“Coach Deb is amazing! She is so passionate about running and sharing her love of it with others. I started out in her beginning running group (virtual) and then did the half marathon group (also virtual). She is inspiring, gifted, passionate, knowledgable and most of all, will be your biggest fan and supporter. She celebrates all your accomplishments, big or small, and is ALWAYS encouraging.” - Debbie


Christie Thomas and Carlee Daub, Norman

(RRCA level 1 and Jack Daniels VDOT02)


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“They create fully custom plans! Not only do the plans work they are very knowledge about strength training and nutrition. They support the whole runner (mentally and physically). Coach Christie is smart and has read everything under the sun about running. This team is so supportive and open to communication. Their objective is to get you strong and fast but also very encouraging. They also coach kids which is pretty cool.”-Rochelle


Becky Croft, Tulsa


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“She’s overcome 2 bouts of menopause and a full hysterectomy, under the age of 40 and is still going strong.” -Anastasia



Jessica Parker, Portland

(UESCA run coach, NSCA personal trainer)


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“She specializes in working with new runners to create a sustainable plan mixed with strength training for injury prevention. She gets on coaching calls as often as needed and makes you feel important and empowered to reach your goals.” - Liz


Nikki Mueller, Portland

(RRCA level 1, VO2 level 1)


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“Nikki has the certifications (RRCA certified, VO2 certified) but also the experience of being a runner for many years. She ran her first marathon in 2006 and has done a lot of races over her years of running, including a few 50k races, lots of relays, and many marathons, half marathons, and other distances. She is a relatable runner because she hated running in school and found a passion for it at almost 30 years old when she was at a crossroads with her health. She is passionate about running and helping other runners to find their own paths, wherever they lead.”



Kristy Campbell, Conshohocken

$90 month

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“Is realistic with goal setting but also pushes you and so many women I’ve know have crushed so many goals under her; she tries to go to all the local races to see us run and shares everyone’s victories on instagram”


Rachel Torrano, Ardmore

(RRCA Level 1)

75-150$ monthly

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“Rachel and I were teachers at the same school. We both ran but never long distances. Rachel was so into fitness and told me that we should do a 10 miler the following fall. I thought there’s no way I can do this, but her immediate response is always “you absolutely can!” Fast forward to now, Rachel is a certified run coach, has run countless 5ks, some 10 milers, a good amount of half marathons, and a full marathon !!! Her most badass run coach moment: I trained so hard to do the Philly Half Marathon and ended up not finishing due to dehydration. I was devastated and the very next day, she told me that we were going to run 13.1 miles together because there’s no use letting that training go to waste! It didn’t hit me until the day that we ran that she had just agreed to run all those miles for me! That day she pushed me to pace myself, gave advice on nutrition and strength, and just pure motivation. Along with our other friend, she pushed me that day and finally helped me finish my 13.1! She even had 2 medals waiting for me at the “finish line.” She is now helping me (along with a group!) train for my first marathon in the fall. Bottom line: there are plenty of run coaches out there who I’m sure are fantastic. Rachel sticks out because she has been “at the bottom.” She has worked her ass off to get to where she is now. She understands that there are so many different types of runners out there and wants to help them all! I am proud to call her my running coach and most important, my friend.” - Megan

“My goal as a badass running coach has been zoning in on pushing people to new limits. Wether that’s their first 5k or full marathon-I want to offer my clients the motivation and tools to achieve what they think to be the impossible!!” -Rachel Torrano

“She will be there for you 100% and has the certification and love/confidence in your abilities and keeps your goals realistic”-Abby



Lizzie Benestad, Newport

(RRCA Certified Running Coach)

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“She’s amazing! She’s a teacher and coaches on the side; she started anchor leg coaching with coach Erin, who passed away last year from brain cancer. Lizzie is just the coolest! She supports runners of all abilities, speeds and goals. And she’s hilarious!”



Randi Schilter, Charleston


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“An experienced runner of 18 years, Randi approaches every runner from the ground up focusing not only on mechanics, form, and speed, but also strongly concentrating on the mental and emotional effects/benefits of running. Add in her diverse nutritional knowledge, race guidance, support and encouragement, she’s one of a kind!”



Mary Graig Tortorice, Nashville

(RRCA certified)


“She loves all participants. She has an infectious energy. And she follows up with all of us, no matter our chosen race distance. She runs with us. She is the best bad ass cheerleader a gal could want.” - Stephenie


Megan Conner, Nashville


$95/month for a four month program. (Email for more programs)

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“Megan is not only a coach but your total cheerleader. She also holds you accountable and gives you the tough love you need sometimes! Megan was able to track my workouts, comment on them, and be super attentive. With Megan’s plan I PR’ed my marathon by over 20 minutes and PR’ed my half marathon!” -Gabbie



Cate Barrett, Austin

$75 per month

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“I get the opportunity to train with Cate in our morning group, however, if her training translates to coaches then you’ll be set for a marathon cycle. She’s determined, positive, and now an official Olympic trial qualifier!!!"-Nicole

“Her positivity and genuine caring. Also, she’s an amazing runner who is crazy humble.”-Kristin


Amanda Allen Cruise, Kingwood

(Level 1 USTAF)


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“She is a mother of 3 and started running in 2012. Her first 5k was a 30+ and now she’s qualified for the 2020 Olympic trials!” -Casey



Linnley Sweeney, Salt Lake City

(ACE Certified Personal Trainer, RRCA Coach)


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“Kind person, pushes your limits and encourages you more than you thought you could do. She is an amazing runner herself and Wonder Woman!”


Kerry Johnson, Virginia Beach

(RRCA certified level 2)

$50/month and up

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“She understands what it’s like to try and balance life and running and succeed at both. She believes in our journeys and helps us achieve things we never thought we could.” -Sharon



Heather Stephens, Seattle



Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“I like to think that it’s because of the holistic approach Kristin Metcalf (my partner) and I take to coaching we aren’t about quick results. We’re about long term running. We want running to be a positive experience for our athletes. Something they fall in love with and keep in their lives for the long run!”


Annelie Stockton, Spokane


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“Mother of two. Always encouraging. Pushes me to limits I didn't think possible. Super positive. Simply amazing.” -Danielle



Anne Tully, Madison

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“In her 15+ years of running she has run over 25 marathons with a PR of 3:14! She is kind, she is fierce, & she gets it. She coaches me virtually. She tweaks my plan for my changing schedule, Achilles heel (literally), and my big crazy goals.”-Audrey





Brittany Moran, Toronto

(Dr. Brittany Moran received a Bachelor of Human Kinetics honours movement science degree from the University of Windsor, Nike NRC Coach)

$80-100 per month

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“She is just amazing! Pushes you and believes in you and also is a big advocate for self care!” -Ali


Phaedra Kennedy aka Coach PK, Toronto

(NAASFP certified run coach, NCCP trained triathlon coach, Can Fit Pro Certified Personal Training Specialist)

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

$120/month for running, $225/month for triathlon

“PK has been my coach off and on for three years. She's trained me through my first half-marathon and coming back from injuries. I really can't say enough good things about her. She's always a text or email away to answer my many, many, MANY questions. What makes her so effective is being a successful athlete herself who still trains and races. She truly cares about her clients and their successe and will believe in you even when you've lost faith in yourself (she's basically my second therapist). Whether a beginner, looking to improve or making the leap to triathlon, Coach PK is your lady!” - Samantha


Kingdom of Bahrain

May Alhaji, Manama

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“She’s amazing. She lead by example and had a super amazing work ethic. She always reminds us that this is fun, and that this adds value to our lives.

I don’t know how she builds her training plans, and how she starts to figure you out so quickly, the results are magical. I’ve witnessed her taking someone who had run maybe one 10k to a half in a matter of a couple of months happy and pain free. She also coaches triathlons!! And has set cyclists out with 6months experience on 90+km races happy and pain free.

She does all this just because she wants other women to love her sports as she does!! Who could possibly be more badass than her!!

We’re in the middle of the Middle East and we chat boy ONLY to over take them!!!” -Wasan


Northern Ireland

Karen McElroy, Newry

(CiRF level 2)


Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“I love coaching and bringing the joy that I get from pushing my limits to others!”



Hannah the Runner (Hannah Lees), Bath

£5 group sessions and 1-2-1 Coaching priced by the hour

Virtual Coaching available? No

“Hannah coaches the full range of runners from absolute beginners to runners aiming for marathon PBs. She is encouraging without being cheesy and pushes you without making you feel like you're working with a drill sergeant- she somehow makes you want to push that bit harder. She is creating an amazing running community which is supportive and a huge amount of fun!” - Lisa


Location not listed

Jennifer Riley

(RRCA level 1)


Virtual Coaching available? Yes


Gillian Goerzen

(BSc (kinesiology), BCRPA Registered Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor & Yoga Fitness Leader, BCRPA Trainer of Fitness Leaders (Fitness Theory, Group Exercise & Weight Training), Yin Yoga Teacher Training (50 hours), TRX Certified, Suspension & Group, Pre & Post Natal Certified)

Virtual Coaching available? Yes

“She’s down-to-earth, encouraging and loves what she does! She has recently authored an inspiring book about crushing body image issues" -Jennifer


Erika Hermsen

(ACE certified, yoga instructor, run coach certified)


“Erika is a small town girl who decided to spread her love for health after her dad died from lung cancer. She started an all female fitness tribe online where she coaches over 200 women in an online community with daily videos, challenges, and inspiration. She charges $31 per month ($1/day) and gives nutrition tips and MANY giveaways as well. She is just such an amazing person who has inspired so many women to get healthy and be the most badass version of themselves.” - Britney


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