Women To Watch In 2017, Alison Desir

Before I knew the mastermind behind Harlem Run, a free fitness movement connecting and inspiring the famous NYC community, I knew of Alison Desir. We both belong to the November Project New York City tribe and we'd often exchange hugs and high fives but I'd never actually talked with her about what she was creating. That was until we both joined forces with Candice Huffine to become ambassadors for Project Start.

The Harlem Run community Alison has built is incredible. She's not only bringing people together, but she's created a safe space for brand new runners to get started. She's inspiring, passionate, smart, foxy, patient, full of grit and optimism and she's a woman we all should be watching in 2017. 

Most runners spend the first part of the year setting goals and building fitness. Not Alison. She, along with three other badass women are hitting the ground running. 

Introducing Four Women Run For All Women.

On January 16, 2017, MLK Day, Alison and her sisterhood of badass women will begin a 240-mile run from Harlem to Washington DC in an effort to raise money and awareness for Planned Parenthood and the power of women. (That is roughly two NYC Marathons every single day.) Then they'll arrive in DC on January 20th just in time for the Women's March on Washington. 

And that is why she is one of my Women to Watch in 2017.

Sometimes it's difficult to feel like we can make a difference. It's inspiring to see women come together to do something to make the world a better place.

Alison's devotion to her community is making a difference, changing lives, and now her Four Women Run for ALL Women needs our support.

In Alison's words, 

I read somewhere, “No one person can change the world, but we can each do our part.” I'm from Harlem. I live to run. What can I do?

To see the route, CLICK HERE. This cause is unreal. If you're feeling helpless in today's politcal climate, this is an awesome way to get active. From donating in the form of one dollar to all the dollars (CLICK HERE), to joining segments of their powerful run, to hosting your own solidarity run, to simply spreading the word, please do what you can. For more information on how you can help, email desiralison@gmail.com. 

No one soars alone. Head up, wings out.

You can follow Alison on Instagram and Twitter. Let's band together and show her that we're all flying beside her.


Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.