This Guy Wins The Nike Women's Half Marathon

This past weekend over 25,000 runners gathered in San Francisco to run Nike Women's Half Marathon. Of those 25k runners, about 23k were women which means the ladies were joined by 2K of the world's smartest men. And because this is a race, someone has to win but in a shocking turn of events, the winner of the Nike Women's Half Marathon didn't cross the finish line first...Alright so he didn't actually "win" the race but he won in my books! I am crowning this one particular runner the "Smartest Male Runner in the Whole Entire World".

What did he do to earn such a title? This...

Reasons why I am smitten with this guy--

  1. He's ballsy.
  2. He's foxy.
  3. He's funny.
  4. He runs.
  5. He runs women's half marathons.

Who needs tinder or OK Cupid when you can just run a Women's half marathon? Thanks for being you dude. YOU WIN. Now if anyone knows this guy, can you be a pal and give him my email. Maybe put in a good word?


Ladies and Gentlemen, meet your possible new boyfriend Barrett Reese.

A 30 year old senior financial analyst who lives in San Francisco and has a passion for running, wilderness camping and guiding. No this isn't too good to be true, thanks to the power of the Instagram, I spoke with Barrett (who's currently on vacation in Bali for 2 weeks) to find out if he has found love at the San Francisco Nike Women's Half Marathon! (Because come on, we all want to know!!!) So without further ado, I give you Barrett Reese.

K: How long have you been running?  

B: Running longer distance for about 3 years now. Always been active playing soccer, boxing, football or any other sports.

K: Was this your first half marathon?

B: No. This was number 5 this year. 


(K: Damn!!!!!!!)

K: What inspired you to want to sign up for the Nike Women's Half?

B: I previously worked for, and just left, whole foods corporate and they are a sponsor for the race so it was free for me to run as a corporate employee. Last year they had a couple open spots last minute so it was more on a whim. This year was more planned although I still barely trained for it.

K: How did you come up with the best idea in the whole entire world? To put, "I'm single" and then your phone number on your race shirt?

B: I just kinda thought of it as a random thought. One of the announcers said how smart the guys were last year to run the ladies race and I figured I'd throw myself out there. I felt like a serious tool at first (and still do). But after a couple girls wanted snapchats at the start line and all the giggles I got as I passed babes, I became more comfortable. I've been single for a couple years now after a long term breakup and the dating scene is terrible in sf, especially via apps. Figured this could be a more organic way to meet with someone who has similar interests. 

K: What sort of response did you get during the race?

B: I got a few girls asking for snapchats and such before the race started and a total of 5 calls during the race. Mostly in the first 5 miles. It was tough to answer (I really wanted to beat the two hour mark) so distracting myself and taking my phone out of my armband to answer calls made it tough to want to do. I heard a group of girls yelling for me to pick up my phone while running near the start of Golden Gate Park and I tried, but it didn't work out. I imagine I sounded like a creeper breathing heavily over the phone and the conversation never really got going.

K: Did you get any phone calls or texts after the race?  

B: Since I found out I got tagged in your picture (from a random girl who deciphered the phone number) I've gotten two voice mails since being over seas. Both of them a bit forward in all truth.

K: What was the strangest interaction you've had?

Strangest was the selfie I got from a guy in a tutu. He was running for team in training so it made sense with all the purple. I basically asked him jokingly when he and I were getting drinks but we chatted back and forth about his lady friends chattering about the shirt and how he thought it was genius. 

K: Did you get any dates out of that killer shirt?

B: Why, you want to go to dinner? (K: Obviously!) In all truth I figured it had been done before and it would be white noise amongst the babes. With your rise to fame and me getting pointed out on your Instagram, it's made some small waves. I hope more men smarten up and try this,  just do it in other cities. I almost wanted to put something like "I probably looked at your butt" on the back rather than just my phone number but figured I shouldn't bring meat into the lions den. (K: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Next time.) My abrupt leaving of the country has made it impossible to actually field any dates. I've told a few girls I'll get back to them when I'm home (which I plan on doing), however by then they will have 100 new tinder matches and I'll just be background noise. Sucks though. I'll be so tan...

K: Will you do it again?

B: It's been easy because my old work sponsored it so I didn't have to pay $200 to do it. I said I'd never pay that much to run a race it but if I'm still single next year and have a better tag line I may have to...

K: Favorite part about the Nike Women's Half Marathon?

B: All the butts. Just sooooo many butts (thank you lulu lemon).

Alright single ladies of San Francisco, if you miss your chance to go on a date with Barrett, I'm going to be very disappointed in you. In all seriousness, running isn't just a great way to get through a breakup, it's an amazing way to meet someone who is driven, confident and adventurous! (And in Barrett's case, is funny as hell!) So next time you're at a race, don't just snap a selfie with a hot guy in the background (oh that just me?), say hi! Introduce yourself. Say "your pace or mine?" I mean, odds of finding love at the New York City Marathon are about 61%. It's science.