Tips For Someone Who Hate Running

Any tips for someone who hates running?
— Everyone

Do I have any tips for someone who hates running? You mean to say you don't just love love love running? GASP! How is that possible, everyone loves running! NOT. I love that question, it's literally my favorite question ever. Ok it's my second favorite question behind "I have a plate of Georgetown Cupcakes, do you want one (and by one I mean 3)?" 

How does someone who hates running not hate running? Well I have no clue. I mean I sympathize because I went from really hating running to really loving it, but I was just desperate enough to start running. I mean I was lost and I felt like I was drowning in my life. I started running as a way to run from my problems. I can tell you this, falling in love with running is sort of like falling in love with a food you don't like. With time it stops tasting like regret and you start craving it. Here's how my first few weeks of running went...

Day 1


I walked 90% of the 3 miles and it took an hour and a half. So saying I went for a run is a bit of a stretch...

Day 2

I cannot tell you why I decided to go for round 2 but for some reason I did.

Day 3

pain feels like.gif

Did it get any easier? LOL NO. That's just when I started to feel sore.

Week 1

amy frustrated.gif

Seriously a whole week and I still can't run a mile?

Week 2

k wig rage

OK! There's my mile! Sure it's 12 minutes but WHATEVA.

Week 3


What am I doing? I hate this. Stop this now.

Week 4

i win

Wait a minute...I think I'm starting to...enjoy this...OK OK OK I bet I could be an Olympian if I keep with this.

THE REST IS HISTORY! I can't tell you how I got myself to stick with it because it was really difficult. I guess I just had absolutely nothing better to do and feeling sore made me feel like I was making something happen. Then I would take selfies and post them to instagram showing off how badass I was becoming and I felt like I had something going for me.

But if you hate running and you want to try to hop on the running bandwagon (DO IT) here are some of my tips:


It's going to be difficult. It's going to be painful. It's going to be boring. And you're going to spend the entire time asking yourself why you're doing it or telling yourself to turn around. Just smile and keep going. Smiling makes everything seem less terrible. It just does.

2. Set Both Large and Small Goals

Want to run a half marathon? THAT IS AWESOME! Make that you're super objective but focus on smaller goals. It could be monthly, weekly, or daily. Maybe even just getting out to run for at least 30 minutes. Whatever it takes to keep with it and get out the door.


This worked for me but use at your own discretion. As I started telling people I ran or posting pictures of myself doing it, it somehow made me feel like I had something to prove. My first half marathon, for me, felt like I was taking my life back. I started to believe in myself and hold my chin higher. Which leads me to...

4. Dare to fail!

There are a thousand things that may happen. You may get busy and have to put your goal on a shelf or you may get injured. YOU MAY END UP ACTUALLY HATING RUNNING! All that matters is that you try. So what if you tell everyone you are going to run a half marathon and then end up doing it a year or two later? You have your entire life to make it happen. You just have to try.

5. Run with People!

I didn't do this and I really wish I would have. Join a charity and start training with them. Find a free local running club. Ask your neighbor who you always see running if they'd be interested in running with you. Don't worry about being to slow for them, everyone likes running with someone else. I thought I would hate running with people, turns out I LOVE it. (And I don't cheat like I do when I'm alone.)

6. Celebrate Yourself!

Even if you walk the entire thing or turn around early, celebrate the fact that you made it out the door. Celebrate the fact that you are doing something incredible. Take a minute to just say "Damn, look at you. Aren't you impressive?" PLEASE GOD CELEBRATE YOURSELF AND IF YOU WON'T EMAIL ME AND I WILL DO IT FOR YOU.

7. Run One Organized Race.

I don't care if it's a 5k or a marathon, sign up for one race and make that happen. Once you do that then you can tell me you don't like it and find something else.

8. Don't Focus on How Far You Went or How Slow You Are.

In fact just omit those two phrases from your vocabulary. I was talking to someone yesterday and she said you don't have to be an ex high school/college/professional athlete to run around the block and enjoy it. You don't have to have an athletic bone in your body. I run because I have something to prove to myself and it's the best way I can do that right now. And it makes me really, really, really happy.

9. Find an App That Tracks Your Progress and Gives You a Plan.

I love RunKeeper. It made me a runner and I still use it to this day. I didn't know what I was doing and training didn't make sense. I just knew I wanted to run a half marathon. RunKeeper made running more than just getting lost and finding my way home. A training plan takes all the pressure off of you. But there's tons of apps out there, I tried 3 before I found RunKeeper. Find one that works for you.

10. Have Fun.

Find a way to make it fun. It may be the only hour you get to yourself. Enjoy that time! Run with music or listen to your surroundings. Be with your thoughts. Think about life or go on autopilot. Listen to a book on tape. Find a way to look forward to your run. 

What did I miss? Any runners have any to add? LET US KNOW! The running community is a pretty awesome thing to be apart of. We can't wait to have you.

Alright friends I'm coming at you from thousands of feet in the air headed to Dallas for the SIX:02 Inaugural 'It's Your TIme 6k!" It's going to be a really fun weekend. Until Monday, #RunSelfieRepeat.