Welcome To San Francisco!

After the world's longest travel day, MY SISTER AND I MADE IT TO SAN FRANCISCO! So I know I said I was leaving on Friday, but turns out I booked our flight for Thursday! We only found out on Tuesday but it ended up being quite the happy accident! We had a layover in Dallas before arriving in San Francisco late last night so it was nice to have today to hang with family before the madness of race weekend began. I grabbed Aziz Ansari's new book "Modern Romance" before we took off and it was so good I finished it before we landed. If you're looking for a HILARIOUS and really engaging read, go get that book. 

My Mom and my Cousin William came to pick up up at the airport and we made a bee-line for IN N OUT! A double double and some animal style fries later, I could not have been happier. 

Then I did what any normal person does the first day they are on vacation, I woke up at dawn to go join November Project here in San Francisco for some hill repeats! In case you haven't heard, I'm slightly obsessed with this tribe of humans.  We met over by UCSF and there was this entire hidden gem of a forest right there! We did .5 mile hill repeats up and down Mount Sutro Hills and it was a blast. If you're in a city with a tribe of November Project, go check them out. They are so much fun to workout with. What was really funny was everyone was giving high fives up and down the switchbacks and for a while I kept thinking, "What are they doing? OH! That's for high fives!" New York City has ruined me, I'm officially a jaded monster. 

So here we are! If you didn't know, OrthoLite insoles (You know those incredibly comfortable insoles you're probably already wearing) is sponsoring Charity Miles for the SF Marathon and I need you to join the #RunSelfieRepeat Charity Miles Team right now!

Walkers, runners, bikers -- you all can use Charity Miles! Just open the app, join team #RunSelfieRepeat, select a charity to raise money for (I'm raising money for Parkinson's Research) and go get sweaty! Let's see how much money we can raise this weekend! I'm also doing a giveaway so CLICK HERE for more info. Spread the word! Share which charity you've decided to raise money for and use the hashtag #RunOrthoLite! Let's raise some money for some incredible causes!


I want to introduce you to my wonderful Cousin Boy William who is getting ready to run his very first half marathon this weekend! There's nothing like your first half marathon so I asked William to share his experience both before the race and after!

CLICK HERE for Excited and Scared, I'm Running My First Half Marathon in 2 Days.